The Left / "Liberals" are the Actual Racists #Yale #BLM

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The Left / "Liberals" are the Actual Racists #Yale #BLM

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I content that the liberals are actually the real racists. In my area, the liberals are mainly rich white people who post black lives matter signs in front of their million dollar homes and vote demonrat no matter who the candidate is. The reason is they feel minorities are lesser people than them, so they vote to "uplift them" because they can't uplift themselves. They will post a BLM sign on their lawn but gossip in hushed voices if a black person walks into their yacht club. Total hypocrisy and the left is actually racist, the right may have racists on their side as well but they are like the flagrant Neo Nazi type mostly feds. Prove me wrong.

Also the left as we all know is flagrantly anti white, and in some cases like Yale, they are anti Asian as well.

DOJ Investigation determines Yale does discriminate against white and asian applicants:

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