Epstein’s ‘Underground Strip Club’ At Zorro Ranch. Bill Clinton Accused TWICE of Child Rape & Ritual Abuse.. Plus S. African Child Abuse Researcher’s ‘Suicide’.

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A huge amount continues to take place in relation to the ongoing investigations surrounding high profile child abusers in governments, ‘royal’ families, corporations and beyond. Most of these stories receive only passing comment in the mainstream narrative – or nothing at all. Each of these three stories deserve significant attention, but in this video I have combined them all and I highly suggest you take some time to look into them yourself.

The Jeffrey Epstein Network Map continues to grow in response to new details and connections emerging, you can view it here: https://graphcommons.com/graphs/0a79deca-46a2-48e9-9d90-326b20aa6e9e

The original video for the map on Youtube is here:

  1. Jeffrey Epstein’s Zorro ranch in New Mexico is alleged to have a 1000sq ft. underground ‘strip club’ where underaged girls were used to serve politicians and others. The anonymous source of the images and claims in the Daily Mail is allegedly a contractor who says he saw images of Epstein and Bill Clinton with topless underaged girls. He also said the house was wired for video, just as Epstein’s New York house is said to have been.


  1. A second anonymous man claims that he was raped as an 8 year old child by Bill Clinton at a sexual orgy on a large ocean going boat. He says that rituals were taking place and people were being cut with swords to draw blood. Other children were also involved. One of the reporters who was helping him died shortly afterwards. I do not know if he ever made it to report this to the FBI.


  1. Mark Minnie, a South African researcher – wrote a book about the South African government’s infestation with similar patterns of child abuse. He regularly told his friends and family that he was under threat and that if he turned up dead in suspicious circumstances that he would not have committed suicide. He then was found in an alleged ‘suicide’.


May we all do what we can to heal, balance and evolve.

Wishing you well,
Ura Soul

#epstein #clinton #politics

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Greetings appreciated @ura-soul.

All these stories are shocking, sad and unfortunate. Totally repudiable.

When I was seeing your post an idea came to my mind:
In many African countries, cases of child abuse predominate. These occur daily. It is like an open secret.
Unfortunately, the community prefers to shut up rather than face the consequences of these acts.

In fact, in the Muslim countries of the Middle East, weddings of adult men with 8-year-old girls for example are very common. In my opinion these are deplorable acts.

All these actions pale, when we find cases like the ones you report in your publication. Where western citizens travel to Africa especially to commit such acts and turn this troglodyte behavior into a business of tourist attractions.

All best, Piotr.

Hi, yes, it seems this is shockingly common in many parts of the planet. I know someone who runs a children's home in Tanzania who has to hire Massai warriors to protect the children from kidnappers who seek to murder and cut up the children for use in witchdoctor rituals!
It is abundantly clear that the predator (un)consciousness that permeates much of life in so many ways often has little to do with the idea of 'overpowering in order to stay alive' and more to do with denied conditioning that has become unconscious and which has beings 'wired' incorrectly, such that their beliefs have them causing harm totally unnecessarily.

I feel that often underlying much of this is a hatred of self and a hatred of particular archetypes in the collective consciousness which the targets seek to assault. By targeting children they are specifically targeting innocent beings and attempting to drag them down into their own guilty level of reality - for their own reasons.

It's a complex problem, but as always we can help by exposing where the alleged 'authorities' are themselves involved in the crimes.

Dear @ura-soul

It's shocking when you think about parts of the world I could not imagine even im my darkest dreams.

Thank you for your kind comment and sorry for replying so late.

May I ask you for little favour? I'm not sure if I did ask you about it already or not (hope I'm not repeating myself).

Could you please check out also my recent post if you have few min and share your thoughts on questions related to concept of "introducing steem blockchain to businesses":

Your feedback is always appreciated ;) And I will upvote most valuable comment with 100-200k SP coming from project.hope account.
Yours, Piotr


So many people seem to be "suicided" when they get close to these things. There has to be a technological counter to this with the prevalence and cheapness of cameras these days.

Imagine wearing a camera that constantly streams video to the web (could be twitch, 3Speak and/or privately owned servers). Another service automatically hashes and timestamps the videos on-chain (Steem, DTube or whatever). If you ever end up in suspicious death circumstances, there will be an absolute record of what happened leading up to it, at the minimum what happened leading up to losing the streaming camera.

You would have to give up some privacy to achieve it, and there would be issues of keeping it always charged, and a data connection. You could take it a step further by encrypting the videos by default and releasing an encryption key automatically with a dead-man's switch. But just the always-on streaming camera takes you 90% of the way I think.

Something like that would be interesting in some cases, but for someone investigating issues like this it could only ever work if it was guaranteed to be private - otherwise it just becomes a tool that the perps can use to monitor you and your associates. Since there really isn't any way to guarantee that privacy I don't think it can work.. Not to mention that WiFi tech is a very well documented health risk. I guess some people in some circumstances could use it though, if they really thought they were likely to be attacked and deliberately just did/said nothing that they didn't want to be broadcasted. I'm pretty sure the tech already exists - it's certainly possible to get bodycams and apps that record 24/7 online.

All of the parts exist, it just isn't available as a package.

Encryption of the video could be done locally, on a machine on your body. Either your mobile phone or something in your backpack if it needs more processing power. The risk would be that you're exposing your metadata if you're making sure to be connected to the network at all times, which most people are doing already anyway, but yes that metadata is especially something you don't want to leak if you're known to be investigating something like this.

It is instructive to consider the necessary hurdles that need to be leapt to do this. First, our devices have been wired at the factory with backdoors. There are no commercially available chipsets that are not compromised. Second, the software running all our hardware is similarly compromised by criminals without the power to compromise them during manufacture. Third, data storage necessary to enable such a massive amount of data doesn't exist, and what there is available is controlled by extranational corporations that derive their power from surveillance, and demonstrably are controlled or allied to state actors. AWS currently has the majority of market share in the cloud, and the associaton of Jeff Bezos and the CIA has long been known.

To effect such surveillance, individuals must attain hardware that is not compromised by factory backdoors, mesh networks that are not subject to censorship, software that isn't compromised, and data storage of nominal capacity that isn't merely a pipeline to the surveillance state.

We will achieve all these capabilities in time, but they do not exist today.


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