CORONAVIRUS - 2010 - Whistlblower Stated Secret Plan to Infect China With DNA Targeted Flu Bioweapon

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Bill Ryan is a respected researcher into the hidden side of our world's geopolitical situation and some may know him from the internet projects - Project Camelot and Project Avalon. In this video from 2010 he describes a discussion with a whistleblower who was present at a high level Freemason meeting in which their global plan was laid out. The testimony specifically included mention of a bioweapon being used on the Chinese population that was genetically targeted to the Chinese and which produced a virulent form of flu that would kill large numbers of people. This video was originally published in 2010.

The full video is here:

Freemasonry is estimated to have absorbed something like 5% of the west's population into it's ranks and is highly compartmentalised. Having so many CEOS and society 'leaders' in a secret club is not a good thing and I have no doubt at all that some at the tops of these groups are manifestations of pure evil.

What do you think? Please digest and share.

Wishing you well,
Ura Soul

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These are the type of posts that we need more of. That's why I joined this community. I love thinking deeply about things. This virus can be bad. But at the same time, either way, people can try to force bad vaccines onto people. Government creates problems and then pretend to solve them. They use turmoil as an excuse to overreach.

Absolutely, yes. Even when the situations aren't deliberately engineered, there are people just waiting to exploit them. :/


Absolutely, yes. Even when the situations aren't deliberately engineered, there are people just waiting to exploit them. :/


We will never know the real numbers... RIP all those that tried to find out.

The Chinese authorities aren’t just trying to contain the information, they’re trying to contain the population, they know it’s extremely deadly they just don’t want others to know.

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If this is truly an Anglo-Saxon conspiracy for world domination these guys must be pretty dim witted and have not anticipated the effects of the poor sub-Saharan refugees who now enrich Europe with their valuable cultures and expertise. Looks like the evil white man is about to get replaced by much more sophisticated transgender multi-ethnic super humans. If this guy is sincere and his information accurate, then there clearly must be another, more powerful group which really pulls the strings. Something other than Anglo-Saxons and through affiliation of course the House Rothschild (which is a crucial part of the City of London) and logically therefore also I$ra3L. Must be the Aliens after all. Makes sense. They are the only ones who don't care about all investments made into China over decades by obviously the not so illuminated masons. LOL

You can research the work of Carroll Quigley for an academic level exposure of the so called 'Anglo Saxon' group involved here:

Well, this is very interesting. Very interesting indeed.

In China, they had a lot of these there:

The above went boom. Radiation is emitted when what is in the photo above goes boom. It hurts. This is the cure for radiation and available on ebay for cheap:

Another fake "virus", more of the same as the avian flu, swine flu, mad cow disease, Ebola, even HIV and such other absurdities, any other fake "virus" precedent with which You might have been indoctrinated with, pure fear porn propaganda.. The objective is the same as if it was a real pandemic but it will be through other means, asked by the people, vaccines and such.. WORLD DEPOPULATION..

Just the MSM disinformation apocalypse preview..

Or You can try to THINK for YOURSELF and stop beLIEving what 'they' tell You.. (..shitty hive mind mentality..)

Corona Virus pandemic is FAKE as any other..

We go through this every couple of years. Mad cow disease, bird flu, SARS, swine flu (H1N1), Ebola, etc . In the end, none of them ever racked up high body counts. Will the latest SARS Coronavirus outbreak prove to be any different? Is this all just NWO Zio-press fear porn to scare an unsuspecting public into submission to take highly toxic vaccines?

(edit:) [forgive me but I've had to add this relevant content/info about the topic]

Viruses and the germ theory