MANDATORY VACCINATION FORCED Onto German Children... Unable to Attend School & Fined 2,500 Euros. A Red Flag Not To Ignore.

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Sadly unsurprising news today from Germany - Children are to be forced to be vaccinated for measles or be refused access to school and their parents fined 2,500 Euros. There is a mountain of lies being told about vaccine science and numerous medical professionals from numerous backgrounds have spoken out against vaccine science in general - including medical doctors and even vaccine inventors from the past. None the less, the same country that brought us such world changing policies as 'eradicate the jews and disabled people' and 'invade Poland for more space and slave labour' has chosen to set aside the pesky annoyance of respect for free will and human rights in order to 'keep the children safe'. Sure.

I highly recommend taking some time to go through the links in the vaccine katalist at my social network, - here:

Wishing you well,
Ura Soul

#vaccination #politics #germany

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Big Brother Pharma, they want to alter the human race.

I think it is an abuse to make an obligation on that and also to put a 2,500 $ fined on parents is crazy. I think people should decide what they want to do. If they get sick or not that is their problem.

Interesting video and very unfortunate that are forcing people who have children to get vaccinated, that is the decision of parents, not governments, if a person does not want to do so they should respect their rights. Here in Peru they do not oblige but they insist that people get vaccinated, but they respect the decision of those who do not want to get vaccinations. Until when there will be the abused human rights in the world! Hopefully the people of Germany reconsider and do not let themselves be dominated as they did in Hitler's time.

Interesante video y muy lamentable que esten obligando a las personas que tienen hijos a que se vacunen, eso es decisión de los padres, no de los gobiernos, si una persona no quiere hacerlo deberían de respetarle sus derecho. Aca en Perú no obligan pero si insisten en que la gente se vacune, pero respetan la decisión de quienes no desean ponerse vacunas. Hasta cuando va a existir el maltrado de los derechos humanos en el mundo! Ojalá las personas de Alemania recapaciten y no se dejen dominar como lo hicieron en la época de Hitler.

Great post sir, my wife is German and we have a 2 year old boy, luckily for now we're based in the UK and plan to home school here, but this certainly sets a dangerous precedent for the future here in Europe.

I hope the Germans push back hard against this kind of tyranny, otherwise they seem hopelessly doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past.

It seems that many people are reversed away from free will and will take action repeatedly to crush it instead of nurture it - even when it is they themselves who suffer as a result! I'm glad you are open to home schooling - we definitely need more of that!


Introduced by a childless Minister of "Health" (Bilderberg attendee Jens Spahn)

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I get frequently ads for whatever desease I might be vaulnerable to. It's obviously just for one or two reasons. I think vaccines come from a good spirit, but became now a money machine.

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That's crazy and a big abuse to force people to have their children vaccinated! What's the real story behind that ?!