'Royal' Biographer & Aristocrat Claims Jeffrey Epstein Wasn't a Paedophile...?

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The world of inherited wealth and alleged 'royalty' is commonly one where bizarre beliefs and heavy denials can be found all over. Recent TV footage from Britain shows 'Lady Colin Campbell' (Yes, a woman called Colin) claiming that:

a) Jeffrey Epstein wasn't a paedophile.
b) Paying for sex with children doesn't make you a paedophile.

She appears to be trying to minimise perception of Epstein and Andrew Windsor's behaviour by:

a) Claiming that because he paid for sex that there's no problem (despite children being unable to consent to sex or to prostitution and despite court testimony describing him as often using force and threats of violence to get his way with children).
b) Sidestepping the truth that there were a large number of victims and stories of him basically raping girls as young as 12 and possibly younger with regularity!

I just feel to share this video to expose light into the dark psychological abyss that is artificial hierarchy and massive inherited wealth in Britain.

Wishing you well,
Ura Soul

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i dont believe it for a minute but if he wasnt he still catered to all of them and i now you dont believe this crazy bitch either but whether he was or isnt he is still a criminal and peice of garbage regardless and anyone who did businuss with this piece os useless trash should be shot and tortured before they get their lead
our poor kids brainwwashed in schools and put in debt in college that most will not pay back and the very young are sex trafficked and in twenty years this will all be normal procedure since we dont do fuckall about it
depressing really
im so glad i dont have kids
have a great day urasoul and keep up with the good articles

I just did some research into the person speaking in this video - what a strange life. She was born in Jamaica and there is some controversy about her gender from birth due to genital malformation. She married a British aristocrat after 9 days and then got divorced - keeping the title and castles! For some reason they are naming her Colin after the aristocrat she married.

hell in a handbasket is the world we live in urasoul
and yeah that is strange indeed
leave it to the aristocrats to solve all the worlds problems(lots of sarcasm)
have a good day bud

LOL that was true!

Thanks for share

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Not anymore, he is dead 💀 pedophile cost?

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Ask yourself: Is it believable to think that a guy like this idiot prince would be flying back and forth to the Caribbean from London for ordinary garden-variety fat-cat/teen sex which he could get anywhere in England??

The answer is not really. What he was getting on Epstein's island had to have been much fancier than that. Satanic rituals, child sacrifice, and all kinds of shit that doesn't belong in our age of the world.

When you have unlimited money you can go wherever you want, whenever you want - pretty much.. So why wouldn't you go to the Caribbean?

I am about to upload a video that covers the claims of a guy regarding the kinds of rituals you are talking about taking place on a large ocean going boat - with Bill Clinton and others.

Well, you know what they say about aristocrats.