Voter Tells MSNBC She Voted Bernie Because of Them

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--A New Hampshire voter tells MSNBC live that MSNBC itself was what pushed her to vote for Bernie Sanders in the primary

Do you know any voters like this?

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I see this a lot lately. It just doesn't stem from how the media is displaying an agenda there's been a lot of people who've said they've voted democrat their whole lives and after watching the impeachment fiasco they fully intend to vote republican this time around. After what we seen happen with Iowa I wouldn't be surprised to see a whole lot of those in Iowa vote republican just because the democrats came in and tarnished them to the country. I don't think there's to many people left who, at this point, don't stop to ask themselves if what the media is pushing the truth or are they framing another candidate to be in a favorable position that they are not.

What I think will happen is once we get to state's where Bloomberg is on the ticket we are going to see democrats swing towards him. I don't think he will get the African American voters behind him even though myself I don't feel he's a racist in any deep seated way like they are making him out to be. Sometimes honesty comes with having to be frank about an issue, if you love someone enough you'll have that frank decision. With Bloomberg I think the love for his city brought forth the truth and frankness of what was harming not just it itself but the people that it was harming who were primarily involved. I don't think there is anything wrong with saying that, especially since if we dig within ourselves we all know that the odds something/somebody could cure what ails the African American communities they'd done it by now. So what do you do when you are at your wit's end? What he said was truthful and honest, his approach to it is what was off. He should have said if they were carrying then they'd get arrested, if not then they'd be released. I know within my own self that if as a mother I feared every time one of my kids would have left the house there was a greater than average chance they'd get shot I'd been glad my mayor implemented such a policy. Sure other physical harm could befall them but the huge difference is you stand a greater chance warding off an attack that doesn't involve a gun. It was one of the more prominent awareness's they preached during the years I took Karate, the likelihood of taking down someone wielding a gun was practically null. When it comes to a gun it's a blink of an eye decision that the most masterful can't accomplish. I'd been glad he was trying to save these kids/young adults but a lot of people wouldn't agree with me and they will continue to not see any light in what he implemented and disparage him to the end with it. I don't think he really wants to be president as much as he's in self protection mode, no man worth billions is giving it up for the so called good of everyone else, if they were he'd done so by now. He's seeing the democratic party literally pushing people towards Bernie as people are worn on the tactics of the DNC, if there's one thing people don't like it's other people trying to shove thoughts down the back of their throats.

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