Trump Reveals Attraction to Daughter While Lying Uncontrollably

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--Donald Trump again reveals his attraction to his daughter Ivanka Trump during another unhinged rally during which he lied uncontrollably in New Hampshire

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  ·  6 months ago (edited)

Saying your daughter is beautiful doesn't equate to meaning anything other than that. I've heard men during my lifetime who have said similar things as Trump about their daughters up to and including if you weren't my daughter I'd be asking for a's all in jest and meant to be complimentary, just reinforcing that they think their daughters are beautiful. I tell my granddaughter all the time she is beautiful...does that equate to being unhealthy?..I don't think so, it's actually really healthy for her self esteem.

I guess you lack compression when it comes to what "catch and release" means. If you are coming over the border illegally and get caught, (at least under the Obama administration when there was some radius involved) you are released. Obviously, to everyone but you, when leaving your own country then crossing into another you have not established a residence therefore you have no home, no address, yes therefore you are at that point homeless if you want to put it that way.

When you go on about Trump being unhinged and telling lies do you ever wonder how you sound when you do your mini me Adam Schiff stints?

"reminiscence of the cult leader who says April 21st will be the rapture, we will either be struck down here on earth or ascend to a life of eternity in heaven or whatever, then April 21st comes and goes and they rationalize it away, with Trump it's either the democrats ruined it or the fake news media ruined it"

You see how people can think you just become unhinged?....and they can surely tell you are lying by making a quote of something Trump has never said but quote it like he had.

While looking for a video I saw where they actually tracked a bus carrying voters to the polls in New Hampshire from out of state I seen on a news report (which I couldn't find), which was actually what provoked the debate there was some legitimacy to the presidents complaint after the election that year, I did find a video of New Hampshire residences, one whom lives across from a polling place who witnesses first hand cars coming with out of state license plates crammed full of people to the polling place across from his house. He even goes on to give a slight benefit of doubt that maybe there's a chance they borrowed a car....but he was cut off before he could finish, which doesn't surprise me because she wants to leverage doubt not confirm fact(s), but if he was let to finish he'd more than likely have said what are the chances of the number of cars he's sees are all borrowed from someone out of state who may live close to the border of someone they know has a car. Or he may have even said what are the chances they are always full of Hispanics. Just like she tried to mix what Trump said about California in comparison to New Hampshire, the crowd was quick to correct her on that, she showed her bias. The other guy who mainly spoke said he's also seen the videos people have taken of out of town buses positioned at the polls. They also cut off the guy who was going to speak next...been interesting to see the whole interview. The point being though is there is nothing in it for these people to come forward with what they see or witness, none of them are claiming it's massive but just enough that it could turn effect the results. A few car loads here, a busload there, a few democratic out of town campaign workers using Sen. Martha Clarks address in two different elections to vote in New Hampshire under the domicile rule....why don't these people just vote absentee in their own states?, it all can add up just enough to turn the tide. They claim if these people don't have drivers licenses they have to sign an affidavit they live in the state and their picture is taken. Then they send out letters to verify later. That brings up questions of how many are returned? How many are verified? How many do they go out and look for if they don't? How many may be using the same if there were a chance it was fixed several could be using the same address. Confirming an address does not equate to be a legal citizen either, remember they didn't have to provide a ID. Hillary was pretty desperate to win, when you add up all the deceiving things she did to try and accomplish that it wouldn't be beyond me to think that her and the DNC worked in conjunction to stack the deck in more than smears, super delegates and taking more than her fair share of the DNC campaign coffers. After all look how they brought down the Iowa caucus, a caucus with a unblemished record for hundreds of years.;_ylt=AwrE1x5TKUReR_0AeWRXNyoA;_ylu=X3oDMTEyNzltaTI0BGNvbG8DYmYxBHBvcwMxBHZ0aWQDQjg2ODNfMQRzZWMDc2M-?p=utube+video+of+voters+being+bussed+in+new+hampshire+in+2016&fr=mcafee#id=1&vid=407601e5c14b721f514302b72fe39ed0&action=view

You really need to go over to my blog and take a look at my blog article on "The People of Trump", I made that post just for people like you who continually want to say disparaging things about Trump supporters. That was my second Trump rally, unlike the first I couldn't get in but it's a great experience seeing thousands upon thousands of people coming together in peace and harmony with one another. The first time someone even made a float that went up and down the street with the statue of liberty on it with Trump signs. Even the small group of protesters across the street couldn't help but smile at all the unity and good nature of all those people coming together. The last rally a kid put a amplifier on a dolly and walked up and down the crowd blasting in rap f**k Trump over and over again, it didn't faze the crowd one bit, everyone just ignored him.

I think part of why you are so upset and calling names is that you know the democrats aren't winning this next round and your own party has sold you out to that fact. Those people are millionaires and maybe a billionaire here or there, they are not giving Bernie one dime of their money. It's one thing to take a hit on your portfolio because gas prices are down and we are no longer waging new costly wars to ante up their portfolio's but it's a whole new ballgame wanting them to give up what they have in those portfolio's. They can handle four more years of Trump and stagnant growth in their investment(s) over losing to Bernie. Even Obama, now a multi millionaire has said if it looks like Bernies going to be the nominee I'll have something to say about that....he has no intentions of giving Bernie a dime.

They are all lying to everyone anyway. Just like Hillary, her college plan would have excluded a lot of kids. These are going to be college plans put in place to benefit the rich. These people pay out hundreds of thousands of dollars to send their kids to college and that's why they want it to be free. Same with this health care, it's not medicare for all. It's a single payer system, that single payer being the government but that doesn't mean those who are rich can't pay for their own services. For them there won't be long waits of weeks or months to get into see doctors or specialist. There will be absolutely nothing that stops doctors from opening cash only facilities to service them either. It's all a farce, a game, more lies, same as it ever was.

You know how few and far between my compliments are and let alone directed at you, but you deserve it, keep up the good work!

I'll definitely prize that coming from you. Thank you.

And he is right about the press, check the international news to get a full picture. You get a story made up out of thin air and until it reaches central Europe news media, that thing is out of control. I have no rabbit in this race, but every time I read the news in Germany about the USA it is an echo of the view of the Democratic Party's press releases. That has nothing to do with journalism.


Some serious critical thought went into that reply David.

Btw. I watched the speech in Manchester on my tablet in bed, 4 am in the morning after working too long. Since I also watched your video now, I'm sure you didn't.