Trump's Vocabulary & Speech Deteriorating Rapidly

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--Multiple mental health professionals sound the alarm about Donald Trump's vocabulary and speech rapidly deteriorating

What do you think is going on with him?

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I agree with this 100%. If you can find footage of it, before the 2016 election Obama said that Trump was unfit for Office.

Psychologically, it could be hindered by high tension or phobia in anticipation for unpredictable happenings.

I am sure you think getting stuck on neuro degenerative and not being able to pronounce Tim outright is the first mistakes you made this week but they are not. I am definitely going to have to start disciplining myself enough to start writing down all your boo boo's. You don't even work a fraction of the hours Trump puts in all day but if you did and were in the public eye as much as he is there'd be an endless supply of video's to show all your vocal mistakes. When we see you make expressions like this what are we to assume about you? hitting the Night Quell a little to hard?....or you getting a little strung out snuffing Sudafeds down your nose?

Screenshot (12).png

David can't be reasoned with. He's a lying dogface pony soldier. It's best just to make fun of him.

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That was funny.

Cool! Please do