Ex-bikie Says Coronavirus is ‘Allah’s Revenge’ for Persecution of Muslims 🙄

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An Instagram-famous bikie and convicted killer has claimed the Wuhan coronavirus sweeping across the world is "Allah's revenge" for China's persecution of millions of Muslims. Retired Nomads president Moudi Tajjour took to Snapchat saying Allah "created" the killer virus. He then goes on to cite a verse from the Quran, "And you are unaware of what they going to do." "Allah is great, never forgot this." (sic)

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Source: Insta-bikie and convicted killer Moudi Tajjour says the deadly Wuhan coronavirus sweeping the world is "Allah's revenge" for China's persecution of Muslims
Location: Australia

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This is nonsense. It is more likely that the virus was created in a laboratory.

  ·  2 months ago (edited)

Attributing miracles to the deity is the most common form of self-indulgence and self-agrandizement.
Usually the feats attributed have to do with punishment and deaths.
The same was said about AIDS back in the 80s. It was god's punishment against homesexuals. The same can be said about every single disease humanity has ever faced, I'm afraid.
Religions are usually predicated on the premise of fear. We are supposed to fear god, not just admire it, or respect it, mainly fear it. It is in fear where we'll find the source of our attachment to it.
Every year religious fundamentalist see signs of the apocalypse in every war, famine, and natural disaster. Every year the end of the world is near and so is the coming of the living god.
Irresponsible politicians and scientists are doing all this. One great thing god could do, though, is to rid us of these truculent evil doers, not wait until millions of innocents are killed so that some fearful soul can learn the lesson.

God is always getting blamed for plagues that are sent as a 'punishment'. He obviously doesn't like me as I have some bug right now. Maybe it's before being an unbeliever. Diseases are part of nature, but the crimes of people need to be dealt with by people.

Flu outbreaks are scary as they can spread fast and kill people. We have been lucky to not have one like a century ago that killed millions.

This guy must have taken an overdose of something, coronavirus and Allah? Is this guy kidding? There's no relativity between this virus and Muslim, plus is it the Chinese that's responsible for what the Muslims are alleged to be going through? It's alway seems irrational when people bring religion into something that's doesn't even related. I hope he doesn't incite people to commit crime

this is a very senseless statement from the so called bikie...he needs to be punished for that rubbish statement....religion have made some people to become so senseless...

  ·  2 months ago Reveal Comment

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