Paula White-Cain Calls for 'Satanic Pregnancies to Miscarry' 😶

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Around the same time White House spiritual advisor Paula White was telling lies about how
prayer reduced crime after 9/11, she was also stepping up her calls for prayers for the
president. Apparently Secret Service can’t do much to shield Trump from the animal kingdom and so-called “Satanic pregnancies.” We cancel every surprise, from the witchcraft… any spirit of control, any Jezebel… We come against the marine kingdom, we come against the animal kingdom… we break the power in the name of Jesus… We command any satanic pregnancies to miscarry right now.”

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Source: Paula White: Christians Must Pray That “Satanic Pregnancies” End in Miscarriage
Location: USA

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  ·  2 months ago (edited)

It's scary that someone like that can have influence on the president. Not that I think he is likely to be much of a believer. He looks like someone who worships money and uses religion when it's convenient to him.

Some Christians scare me more than some radical Muslims. Extremes of anything tend to be bad.

BTW I suggest you power up all your Steem to increase your vote. I know who gave you the delegation and he's been very generous to let it run this long. Mind you he has so much SP to use.

This is really funny. Fundamentalist discourse has not changed one bit in centuries. It is only natural that the modern heirs use it with amazing effects.
Fortunatelly, we have stand up comedians now who can use that material and make people laugh louder than if they wrote the jokes themselves.
The funniest thing is that from another perspective Trump's deliverance can be seen as a safely delivered "satanic pregnancy".
I have said in many opportunities, the fact that I am a venezuelan whose hopes are all put into what the USA can do for us now, does not mean that I will ignore what a problematic character Trump is. Luckily, the presidency and the Union itself is bigger than any president; that's partly why religious agendas have not done more harm. However, we may get to a dangerous point where the States will not be much different from other religious administrations.

These manipulations are for the ignorant. Trump is not one of them, he will not catch.

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