Pastor- Noah’s Family Cleared 12 Tons of Animal Feces Daily on the Ark 💩

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Right-wing pastor Perry Stone, best known for checking his phone while speaking on
tongues, made a rather unusual claim during a recent on-the-spot sermon in the Golan Heights. He was discussing why Noah’s Ark is literally true and tried to explain how Noah’s family handled all the animal waste. "… It is estimated that there was 5 to 12 tons of manure a day on the Ark. Now there was a window on top of that Ark that could be opened — it actually was on the side, not the top, it’s on the side — where they could throw it out if they needed to, so it doesn’t necessarily mean it piled piled piled, they had a way getting rid of it, no doubt."

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Source: Pastor: Noah’s Family Cleared Away 12 Tons of Animal Feces on the Ark Every Day
Location: Golan, Syria

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The ark is one of those things christians should avoid mentioning, especially if it is going to be subjected to some bsic scrutiny.
It is one of the many examples of just outrageous events in the bible. Mark Twain makes a wonderful sketch in his "The God of the Bible vs. the God of the Present Day". The whole scheme, according to Twain was a complete waste of time and man/woman power. If he did not like his creation and needed to start from scratch, he could have simply wiped every creature and re-make them in six days again.
But, even if asume the lesson was worth teaching, the very possibility of having every single species represented in that boat was just impossible.
Most chrirtians I know would rather take that symbolically, and yet we have pastors like the one mentioned here going into the details of the daily manure disposal. Very clever

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I've heard a few jokes about various countries being created by the ark poop :) You can explain anything by saying the magic sky man did it. Do Christians disagree about how much of the world was flooded? There's no mention of kangaroos. Don't Christians take everything on faith anyway? No proof required.

lol...i love your sense of humour...

Some of this stuff is so crazy that you have to laugh.

They built a life sized Ark in Kentucky USA that supposedly is a replica of the Ark from the Bible.Would actually be interesting to visit to see how it would be possible.The smell alone would have been intolorable !!!

lol..funny but true,you are totally correct and that is a wonderful observation from you...

That’s a lot of work for 5 people... chuckle.
And no one thought of the food hygiene issues and what not?

A curious idea but not applicable to Earth.

  ·  2 months ago Reveal Comment
  ·  2 months ago Reveal Comment

yeah it would...and that would put a stop to discrimination against atheists.....