Christian Moms Complain About Lack of “Respect” in Halftime Show 🙄

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The evangelical Christian hate group One Million Moms (Twitter count: 4,731), which never
has a critical thing to say about Donald Trump, can’t believe two women danced onstage during halftime of the Super Bowl. Jennifer Lopez basically danced while wearing a “glitter maxi pad,” they claim. These Christians are more upset at J-Lo for featuring kids in imaginary cages than they are at Republicans for putting kids in actual ones. They’ll whine about a less-than-“family- friendly” halftime show while saying nothing about a president who pays hush money to women he has affairs with when he’s not talking about “shithole” countries.

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Source: Christian Moms Complain About Lack of “Respect and Dignity” in Halftime Show
Location: USA

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Sounds like a hate-influencing professional. In the sense someone pays him to do this. I think the name of the group, as it's been pointed out in the post already, shows whoever owns the accounts knows how to make an impression. How to manipulate.

One Million Moms (Twitter count: 4,731)

I think this is a very widespread paid-for activity, loosely tied with groups sympathetic to trump's psychopathic ideals.

I am so confused as to why anyone could look favourably at Trump.

Do these people not see the blatant corruption and that is happening right in front of them? Do they ignore Trump’s constant “un-Christian-like” behaviour when he goes out of his way to insult as many people as possible?

On what planet is Trump good for any country? The man is a self serving psychopath and, if I’m honest, I find it astounding that the man hasn’t been put down yet.

I think you have summarized it brilliantly in the intro.

I even read about a pastor who sued because his soul was put in jeopardy by J-Lo and Shakira's hips. Nothing more hyprocritical than this.

I think that Trump will go down in history as one of the few (infidel) presidents with the highest evangelical/religious support. This is worthy of serious study. It reveals some not-so-new truth about religions in general and their relationship to political power.

Trump could not have been any clumsier during his first campaign when it came to his religious convictions (not that he was any smarter on other issues), and yet he managed to gather the support of conservative groups.

It is obvious that these groups' main concern is not whether the candidate they support shares and practices their believes, but whether he will leave the status quo untouched.

Conservative mother should be more consistent with their defense of morality. As you rightly point out, there is plenty of injustice going on in the world promoted and pertuated by the very same leaders they support.

This is pure hypocrisy.

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