Christian Pastor Charged With 115 Felony Sex Counts ✝

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58-year-old Rodney Dean Luffman was arrested in North Carolina and charged with 115
felony sex counts. (80 for “indecent liberties” and 35 for “sexual offenses.) His victims range from the ages of 4 to 16. The criminal acts had allegedly occurred for a span of 15 years, between 2000 and 2015. He is a Christian pastor at Open Arms Outreach Ministries, a “Sin Condemning” church that believes in church/state separation.

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Source: Christian Pastor Charged With 115 Felony Sex Counts; One Victim Was Only 4
Location: North Carolina, USA

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So many so called pastors are commiting heinous crimes in the name of Christianity really, o would advise people to be clearly led and not blindly led by unscrupulous Individuals such as this man, he's definitely something else parading as a pastor and I hope he's persecuted nicely to serve as a deterrent for others like him.

some of them use the word "pastor" to cover up their evil act and many gullible fall for their scams...

  ·  2 months ago (edited)

What really surprises me every time is not that religious leaders are caught in this kind crimes, but the time it takes for people the catch them.
There must be a lot of either complicity or stupidity (naivete?). I am sure sexual predators choose religious environments because of people's gullibility. Religious people want to believe and their blind respect for their authorities make them ignore obvious signs of perversion

what is even more annoying is the fact that you will still see some of his followers defending him and trying to justify is so irritating...

Absolutely. I will never understand this sort of automatic solidarity with religious authority

I can not understand how there is so much of this in the world. Are so many of us really all so self-serving and cruel? Are so many of us really so sexually frustrated they have to harm children? How are there so many men and women in the service of some lord, lords that purport to help one make moral decisions, who can not control their impulses to do harm to children? This baffles me. Something is terribly wrong. I have no answers.

It seems every week we get another priest who has exploited their position like this, but this is an extreme case. It shows how much power they have when they can get away with it for so long. I hope he gets put away for life and all churches need to root out such abuse. I think some priests have been protected.

Child sexual abuse is one of the most heinous crimes. These monsters hide behind religion to do their nasty work, and the church protects them. They must be closed to life.