Lesbian Boxer Kisses Girlfriend Against Maldives’ Laws 👭

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A lesbian boxer has taken a stand for gay rights by sharing a photo of herself publicly kissing her girlfriend in the Maldives, where homosexuality is against the law. Same-sex sexual activity is strictly prohibited in the island nation and is punishable by up to eight years in prison for non- Muslims. April, 24, tweeted a picture of herself kissing her girlfriend in the ocean. The caption read: “Illegal to be gay in the Maldives and other Muslim countries still, in this day and age is mental, anyways this is our thought.” April reportedly took the photo down at the request of friends and family, who feared she might face repercussions from Maldivian authorities. She later uploaded the image on her return to the UK, but it is no longer visible on her public Twitter or Instagram accounts.

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Source: Lesbian boxer risks jail and kisses her girlfriend in a defiant stand against Maldives’
homophobic laws
Location: Maldives

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  ·  2 months ago (edited)

Well, what do they expect in a Muslim country, an island on top of that? Insularity adds up to backwardness.
I used to teach literature in college and I had some homosexual students (both male and female) who started to complain about Christian discrimination of their form of love. They tried to argue that nowhere in the Bible was there an explicit prohibition of homosexuality, that that was a modern invention.
I had to make a parenthesis in my lit texts and asked them to bring bibles for the next class.
It was a very illuminating experience. So many Christians ignore the content of their sacred text. I'm guessing something similar happens in other religions (although I have the impression other religions have made a better job at making their followers do their homework).
My students discovered not only that the Bible explicitly condemns homosexuality (as well as other "depravities"), but also that it prescribes quite shocking punishments, vanishment being the softest one.
They got to the conclusion that they had to either quit their religion or quit their sexual preferences :)
As far as I know they are still homosexuals, most of them living somewhere other than in our devastated Venezuela.

It's really sad that it can be a crime to kiss the person you love. Those who try to outlaw homosexuality make criminals of their citizens who do no harm to others. Things are improving in some countries, but others are going backwards. We can of course boycott countries with such laws and not just holiday there because they are cheap or have the nicest beaches.

the sad thing is that there are so many people who are ready to kill homo-sexuals if they have the opportunity to...i just wonder what is their problem with people who have caused no harm to them....why the hate??

the hate is just too much,and it is becoming a trend...

Can't believe in this day and age it's still illegal to be gay. It's crazy how backwards some countries are against something which causes no harm to anybody and yet causes people so much hatred.

Wow i didn't know the Maldives were Muslims, but anyway you should be able to love who you want to.

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Everyone has the freedom to determine who they like.
Homosexuality is rooted in deviance because nature has created both sexes for reproduction. If there is only one sex, there will be no children and the world will perish.

i believe that everyone deserves to have the right to love whoever they want to love irrespective of their gender....

exactly what i think too...

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yes it is

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