Christian Website- Apophis Will Destroy Earth in 2029 🌏

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Christian writer Thomas Horn would like you to know that an asteroid is going to crash into
the Earth in 2029, and the Bible proves it. Revelation 8 and the first four trumpet judgments
appear to describe the different stages of a singular event — a large asteroid impact on planet earth, which I predict is coming in 2029 in the form of the asteroid Apophis. I now believe, in fact, if you were to ask a scientist (as I did) to explain what these verses seem to depict, they would tell you that the details of Revelation 8 very much match the sequence of either a binary asteroid (two asteroids orbiting a common barycenter — the area of mass around which two or more bodies orbit) accompanied by smaller fragments — or the breakup of a larger asteroid into two main portions accompanied by tons of smaller debris as it enters Earth’s atmosphere, followed by impacts.

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Source: Christian Website: The Bible Says an Asteroid Will Crash Into Earth in 2029
Location: USA

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The end of the world has been depicted in s many ways. Revelations or the Apocalypse as many like to call it (given the cataclismic tone in which everythign is written) is one of the most ambiguous books in the bible. It was probably written by a very unstable man, very close to madness.
Not that it is unlikely that we get hit by an asteroid. It can happen anytime, I guess, but when we think of how many people have died in anticipation of the end of days, how many pastors have given it a date and have even promoted massive suicides in the eve of the apocalypse, well, we know we should not take any of this seriously.
In any case, religious people must be ok with that. If they are living their lives by the book, they know the end here only means everlasting peace there (whereever or whatever "there" means).

if it's written in the Bible it must be true jajajajajajaja !!!!

This is emancipation. So many asteroids passed, no one fell.

I don't know why people choose to be blasphemous, there are nothing like dates in the Bible and there will be nothing like an asteroid in 2029, the same Bible also proves that nobody knows the date which anything will happen. This is just an erroneous crusade. We've had people like this in the past saying things like this.

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