Sweeping South Dakota Bill Aims to Eliminate LGBTQ Rights 🌈

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South Dakota’s legislature introduced HB 1215 — the most comprehensive, retrogressive
anti-LGBTQ bill in recent memory. The bill covers nearly every aspect of LGBTQ life, from the obvious — marriage equality and protection from discrimination — to the surprisingly specific: The law addresses schools and libraries hosting Drag Queen Story Hour events. It even contains a rather nebulous catch-all clause that says the state may not approve policies that “condone or affirm” LGBTQ communities. The bill prohibits policies that make any part of LGBTQ people’s lives safer or more just. It sanctions bigotry by refusing to recognize that anti- LGBTQ discrimination should be against the law, then goes on to prohibit nearly every form of legislation that might decrease that discrimination in any way.

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Source: It’s No Exaggeration: Sweeping South Dakota Bill Aims to Eliminate LGBTQ Rights
Location: South Dakota, USA

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This is happening in USA, but in Europe is a reversal, full of freedom.

1 step forward and 5 steps back for South Dakota then. It’s sad that I feel as if this bill could be passed.

I’m sure the giant orange ape will be very supportive of the bill even though it should be entirely out of his jurisdiction and influence. He’s probably tweeting about it right now in fact. I should check my twitter feed.

It is a pity that anti discrimination laws are moving like crabs (one step forward, two backwards).
Today it is about LGBT communities, who knows who will be next.
One thing that worries me more is the fact that the politicians associated with "progressive" movements are also associated with leftist/socialist/communist agendas. It appears to me that the aversion to socialism/communism is being extrapolated automatically to other elements in their agendas that may not represent a real threat to people's way of life, especially the economic aspect of it, which is what people ultimately care about the most.

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