Angry Syrians Stone Trump Forces in Qamishli

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Angry locals in a remote village east of Qamishli northeast of Syria stoned a Trump forces patrol, damaged 4 of their vehicles after the arrogant invaders insisted on passing through their village.

Trump forces fired live rounds at the civilians killing a 22 years old and injuring others which made the locals much more angrier and brought their AK47s they used to defend themselves from ISIS and fired back at the Trumpies.

Unconfirmed report from the village said at least one Trump soldier is killed, but we will never know especially after the Pentagon replaced the word 'Killed' with 'Brain Injured' after Iran bombed their base in west of Iraq. So most likely we will hear about a 'brain-injured' Trumpie or more but we need to wait for that.

More in this report: Russia Rescues Trump Illegals from Angry Locals

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mercenary criminals have no business in Syria they are sent to our country to steal the oil for their boss, that's the definition of a mercenary.

@ahmedsy literally mercenary as they join their army not to defend their country as the rest of the world, or most of it do, but to attack other countries for some dollars they are paid while their bosses get the biggest benefits.

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Not exactly true @arabisouri. Most U.S. service men/women join the military because they have no other option and they believe the lies told them by the recruiters. For them, it is like a catch 22 where they can't do anything else. If they don't go into service, they end up in jail. If they refuse to fight, they end up in jail.
The U.S. has the highest prison population in the World with only the 8th largest population. kind of goes with the largest military budget (more than the next 27 countries combined, 22 of which are allies). While I understand and commiserate with the Syrian people, I am saddened and angered that the military has gotten so bad they are getting stoned (literally and not happily)
From my age bracket here in the U.S. I sincerely apologize. I only hope that we get a new leader that will begin the ending of these endless wars..

How could that be a Syrian problem where Syrian citizens get killed by those people just because they don't like to go to prison? Imagine you give a gun to someone and ask him to travel to the other side of the world and kill innocent people or go to prison? God bless the soul of Muhammad Ali Clay.

Let me put it in another way: Imagine the Syrian government sends groups of highly trained heavily armed Syrian army soldiers to the USA, with proper protection, and ask them to shoot people on the streets of the city where they are sent or go to prison in Syria. Do you think the Syrian soldiers will accept the mission? The SAA are not killing terrorists who laid down their weapons who were just minutes before massacring people, let that sink in.

I am truly sorry for the poor way I replied. @arabisouri, I did not mean to imply in any fashion that this is a "Syrian" problem at all. My response was only by way of "How" these poor kids end up where they are, mostly from well below the poverty level with no employment possibility and now further education opportunities. Muhammad Ali was a one of a kind American and even though I am a different color than he, I try to overcome any obstacles that crop up and deal with them. Unfortunately, sometimes I do not put into words the actual feelings that I try.
As far as the U.S. leadership/figurehead/Commander in Chief, well, he was a draft dodger whose father bought his way out of the service saying he had "Bone Spurs". When there is no true leader, what does a follower do? personally, and this is simply my opinion, I believe that in order to lead you must have the experience of following, just so you know what it is you are doing.
If I messed this up, again, I apologize. You have given me more insight to what is going on than anyone else.
Take care and be well,