Suspended on YouTube on Two Channels in 48 Hours. #ThemTube CensorShip

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Suspended on YouTube on Two Channels in 48 Hours. #ThemTube CensorShip

YouTube Video:

I got hit with two content strikes on my main YouTube Channel, which means I am on the edge of being banned and having my channel deleted. The two strikes were complete utter bullshit of course. So I made this video to direct my followers to where I will be until November when then strikes expired....

The Next Day:

I got hit on my back up channel with two strikes and I proved by showing my dashboard to the haters that yes I am being censored.

On my backup channel I got hit with a content guidelines strike, and then I got hit with a copyright strike from Fatdango, aka #DefangoLies. So now I am essentially banned on Themtube on both channels I have.

I have now contacted the person who hit me with copyright strike to challenge them to a charity boxing match with they accepted.

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Tired of youtube, facebook, twitter, and the like. Might as well be called fascism.