Just another crappy day in the only utopia we get.

in politics •  10 days ago 

Rich people still throwing their weight around.
Poor people, that want to be rich, too, still buying into the koolaid.

When do you people pull your heads out of your indoctrination and realize that what we have been fed for the last ~12k years has been bunk designed to keep the poor poor and in the mines?

I know I can't be the only one that is SCREAMING THIS AT YOU!


I've been beating this drum for over a decade, but you would never know.
It's not like these guys were ever gonna cover the story.


Well, when you are ready with some questions, put them in the comments.
I will point you towards your path to intellectual freedom.

Will you find it?
Maybe not, but you gotta think for yourself.
Damned if I got time to do it for you.
I'm still finding my way out.

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Its obvious people give zero fuck about freedom until someone takes it away. The patterns towards Orwelian state are becoming obvious, yet again, masses don't give a fuck... until they do...

And then, wahbam! Pitchforks and torches.

HK is blowing up again.