Press continues to be partisan as hell

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When this coronavirus thing started to be a real issue in the USA, I had a dream that the media was going to take a break from their usual partisan BS to actually try to get some real information out there. I thought that maybe they would, for a little while, stop trying to find someone on the other side of the political fence to blame when any rational person realizes that there is nothing that could have been done to prevent the spread of this thing...and the near global penetration of it is pretty good proof of that.

My dream was ill-fated as the media are actually driving their pointing of fingers into overdrive as they desperately try to make any little thing that happens a reason to push blame on certain people and of course the number one target for that is Trump.

Kathryn Krawczyk is a journalist for The Week, which is unsurprisingly a publication that leans very heavily to the left and she wrote an article that highlights some idiots who drank fish tank cleaner because the name sounded similar to something they heard on tv and then unsurprisingly died as a consequence even though the container says in big letters than precisely that was going to happen if they ingested it.

However, according to the media the fact that Trump mentioned the progress being made with a medicine that has a similar sounding name, it is obviously his fault right?

In an interview with Mike Pence, celebrity doctor (Dr. Oz) who peddles in misinformation about products that he just happens to sell asked Pence about the malaria drug chloroquine and how he feels about continuing to test it. Pence, ever on his guard against loaded questions answered the question in a vague manner stating "We are engaging in a clinical trial."

And honestly, if there is a chance that it has some ability to help, why should't we be?

I know that liberal media is devoted to liberal causes and conservative media is devoted to conservative causes; this is nothing new but do the leftists really think, that because a couple of obvious morons decided to ingest fish tank cleaner because they heard something on TV and then die, that we should just not pursue the actual potential treatment?


They continued to press Pence to say something he does not mean but when asked if he would personally take chloroquine if he was infected he simply said that he would "follow the advice of his physician." This did not satisfy the ravenous press who kept pressing and pressing for information that simply isn't there.

One of my favorite remarks in the comments section of the article says "If you do it thru your doctor and not petsmart your chances of survival greatly increase."

This is irresponsible reporting and does a disservice to the entire world. We are wasting the time of the people in power so that SH**TY publications like The Week can try to make a name for themselves.

In my mind you did make a name, or at least a word for yourselves... and that word is.....


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