Why are sparsely populated areas (almost) always conservative?

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There have been a number of hotspots as far as the protest turned riots are concerned in this country are concerned and I think it would be pretty safe to say the two worst would be Portland and Seattle. If you know anything about that part of the United States, it is quite possibly the most liberal locations in the country. As a conservative, I look at those places with a certain level of disbelief as I have absolutely nothing in common with the residents.

In my own state of North Carolina, the urban areas tend to be considerably more liberal than in the country and I feel as that is an almost nationwide phenomenon. One only need look at the voting patterns based on land mass for the entire country in 2016.

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Red = conservative (Republican) Blue= liberal (Democrat)

Now I am not going to try to be like all of our news stations and pretend that this means more than it does because yes, I do realize that those blue areas account for a huge portion of the overall population of those particular states. There are a few exceptions, such as Hawaii, New Hampshire, and Texas, but for the most part every single state in USA has blue metropolitan areas surrounded by an ocean of red in all directions.

So what is it about living around tons of other people that makes a person turn liberal? You would be very hard pressed to find a large number of liberals where I live in eastern North Carolina, but on the flip side you will struggle to find a Conservative in New York City, Seattle, Portland, or Los Angeles. I feel as though this situation will only get worse as the news coming from many liberal cities is that they are seeing a mass exodus of citizens who are moving away from those areas to lessor populated areas.

On a side note, i hope they keep their liberal ideas back in the city because there is a reason why you are fleeing it in the first place... don't try to turn other areas into the place that you just left.


Recently, Joe Rogan, who has one of the most popular podcasts in the world, is super rich and can definitely afford it, has said he is leaving California because he can't deal with the rigors of life there anymore (or something along those lines.) Joe Rogan is an anomaly though, as he doesn't seem to really give a crap about either major party.

But back to the point: I think I know why people in densely populated areas tend to be liberal.

People who are conservative have a lot of things that are at the core of their political beliefs, but one thing is normally omnipresent: They want the government involved in as little of their life as possible. People in the cities need to have the city involved because services such as traffic and transport, trash and utilities are viewed as being impossible without the government do these things. I have mentioned many times in the past about how the police force where I live probably have the easiest jobs in the country because we police ourselves and I have never known the Sheriff's office to get involved in my community at all - other than to stop by to say hello. Up until what i consider to be the recent and insane past, the police force was far more needed in large cities than in places like where I live and we are now seeing exactly how necessary they are in those environments.

Out where I live, when the government gets involved in just about anything, we complain. We enjoy being self-sufficient and are really good at it. I am not trying to say that people in cities don't know how to do anything because obviously they do, they just have a different skill set and in order to excel at that skill set they need the government to step in and "take over" a lot of the things that we do on our own in rural settings.

I would be very surprised if most city folk have any idea how to grow their own food

On the flip side of things, I think that people in the cities tend to care about things like the arts that we in the country aren't really fussed about and they are willing to pay to have these things happen - and it is normally done by endowments paid for by taxes. If my city council were to come along and say they were going to spend millions and raise our taxes in order to build a fine art museum, the community would rise up and vote all of them out of office immediately. We believe these sorts of things should be privately funded. Yet every time I talk to my college roommate who lives in Brooklyn it seems he is telling me about some new museum that just opened up.

It probably sounds like I am biased but that is only because I am. I'm not saying I don't appreciate art, or conveniences such as bus and train systems, but I (and most other conservatives) don't want to be forced to pay for these things when I am not going to use them. We want the government to be involved in our lives as little as possible and in my mind this is what separates us from people that live in cities.

I also understand that when you live in a 100 square foot apartment on a busy street, growing your own food simply isn't possible so don't get the idea that I am calling you stupid because you don't have a garden. On the flip-side you shouldn't call me uncultured because I think modern art valued and millions of dollars is trash that looks like a toddler could make by accident.

I've seen more inspiring "art" on the color swatches at Home Depot

At the end of the day, we have a fundamental difference in values and unfortunately a lot of this boils down to money and therefore taxes. When liberal politicians talk about "free this and free that" I can just shake my head in disbelief because know there actually isn't such a thing as "free."

If you live in an urban area I would be interested in hearing what you have to say as a response.

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Germany is very densely populated and our idea of conservatism/right-wing is surely different than the US. Maybe you are on to something. In Germany the difference between right wing and left wing is how the state gets involved not if the state gets involved.

Funnily enough the German Liberals are actually the ones having similar values to the american republicans/Libertarians, they dress like Bankers tho and are only at 5% nationwide.

I would imagine you could do a research project on attempting to figure out this phenomenon and still not get a conclusive answer. It does seem to be true though!