TalkingPoint Tribe Details and Explanation (Short Paper)

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The purpose of this post is a reference and explanation of configuration and rules of the TALKINGPOINT TRIBE

TalkingPoint Tribe

Talkingpoint is a tribe for the discussion of Politics, News, and Current Events. With a focus on rewarding intelligent conversations and debate.

We feel the 2020 US Election will bring political debate and the potential to onboard users in this niche is high.

The site is located at the reward token is POINT. The primary tag is #point

The Initial Supply is 20 million POINT tokens

Tokens will be airdropped over the first year.

Generous upvotes and delegations will contribute to the initial distribution.

Operational Settings

  • At this time we have not included Mining or Stake Inflation. All rewards will be content related
  • Posts Payout Period - 3 Days
  • Author/Curation Split 50/50
  • Author Curve is set to 1.1 for a slight curve
  • Curation Curve is .5
  • 20 tokens distributed per 150 blocks
  • One (1) free downvote per 24 hours
  • Powerdown period is seven (7) days over one transaction
  • Delegations are active

Initial Supply

20 Million Point Tokens will be distributed initially in the following manner

  • Owners Stake - 600,000 (distributed to founders, but will not curate)
  • Talking Point DAO - 10,000,000 for future
  • Moderation Accounts and Allocations 5,400,000 - Moderation and generous early votes for distribution
  • AirDrops and Sell wall 4,000,000
    *The TalkingPoint DAO will be used for development, promotion and future needs of the tribe, to be utilized over the first years of development, promotion, and other needs


  • No Links, Links maybe used as a source, but “link only” posts will be downvoted
  • No threats, any threats of personal violence will result in immediate muting

Moderation Policy:

  • Content harmful to the community or not relevant will be downvoted
  • Downvotes will remove POINTS reward and not STEEM
  • Moderation will be focused on rewarding intelligent debate which we acknowledge is subjective

The Tribe has a Discord Room in the SteemChat Discord

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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it's missing up there:
rewards are 100% in staked tokens
with short unstake cooldown 7 days

It seems the discord invite link is invalid...

Hi @talkingpoint, I would like to discuss a possible cooperation between your project and the HoboDAO. The HoboDAO is a contest system that has partnered with such projects as the Natural Products tribe, the Foodies tribe, the Lotus/Natural Medicine tribe, the Intrepreneur tribe and the Build It tribe.

We wish to partner with major discussion topics to support a variety of authors producing important topics, and politics is definitely one we hope to support. Please let me know if you'd like to have a conversation on a potential cooperation. Thanks! :)

I've seen a lot of political banters on the chain. I'm sure this will do nicely for people like @jacobtothe, @freebornangel, @dullhawk, @cyberdemon531, etc.

It'll be interesting lol

It seems like waited an eternity for this tribe to be surfaced. Hopefully, this would be a nice addition in the list of good Steem Engine Tribes.

...and, by the distribution of the tokens, as described above, I am hopeful that deserving contents will get good upvotes from the official curation account.

The wait will be worth it.

After reading the names in the administration on its discord server, I agree with you. Not that its niche is not interesting, I believe, team is the driving force for any project that can make even a dull idea a success.

Wish you a lovely day

Now this is a tribe folks!

This tribe is going to be very interesting, especially as we approach the 2020 US election. I'm glad this tribe has been formed, it's going to be a wild ride!

Sounds great, except the announcement of downvotes for everything possible. Unfortunately, many people now associate downvotes with very arbitrary or inappropriate behaviour. To punish customers (who will probably never show up again) by taking some cents away might be appropriate but certainly not useful.

Of course, I have no idea what's your plan.
I have only observed the very clumsy behavior of various Tribe owners who have been downvoting their own future.

I believe the majority who may not use the Tag properly will even be pleased about an enlightening comment.
Professional marketing would be that in any case.

I wish you much success and for myself this Tribe seems to be an interesting alternative.

Downvotes are just as much a part of the eco-system as Upvotes I'm not sure how anyone can argue the contrary?

I was in the same boat as you early on about downvotes but then realized what an important role they played.

You're absolutely right. Your comment and mine don't contradict each other.
After all, I'm not saying that there can be no downvotes, you have to use it with care.
If not it has a great destructive power.
How many upvotes does someone need to psychologically compensate one downvote?
Certainly a lot.

Sure, DV should come with care no disagreement there.

Misplaced/misused tags would be a great example of how to use a downvote.

Someone might get a DV one day, and many UV the next with no DV or a bit of both. I don't think it will discourage anyone ( or, shouldn't). They just need to learn how the Steem blockchain as a tool is used as w/ anything new.

To borrow a line from Spider-Man's Uncle Ben "With great power, comes great responsibility."

If people are genuine, they will generally be receptive to communication regarding anything that is frowned upon. If that communication falls on deaf ears or is essentially ignored, then those individuals are probably not that interested in being part of the community anyway

The US Election is certainly going to be dominating the headlines next year, and there are many other issues around the world that needs to be bought to the global platform.

Two issues, the ongoing Hong Kong protest and the Taiwan Presidential election at the end of January are very close to my heart and hopefully the tribe can help to raise awareness.

Wait what.. there are issues outside of US? Haha.

I'm Aussie . We have politics too. But we are gonna get smashed with US news I bet. Maybe we both can write a country specific post to advertise Talking Point. X

Link only posts downvoted .. yay. What about a post about polar bears and vegan pizza? I swear as tribe owner irrelevancy was our biggest bugbear, but a few downvotes got rid of that fast! Aside from that we dont down vote much, people learn fast enough.

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One downvote a day is great. I wish Steem would go back yo that.