#PedoGate 2020: #SaveTheChildren The Pedo Rings are All Connected

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#PedoGate 2020: #SaveTheChildren The Pedo Rings are All Connected

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The New World Order Wizards and their Pedo Rings will be their undoing. Tonight we examine how all threse rings are connected and we examine how the Ghislaine Maxwell trial is going. Jeffrey Epstein did not work alone.

Names of Note:
Ghislaine Maxwell
Jeffrey Epstein
Keith Raneire
Alan Dershowitz
Prince Andrew
Joe Biden

Pastebin Show Notes: https://pastebin.com/iZtMQf6P

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Hive Show Notes

PedoGate NXIVM / Epstein News Updates:

VH1 Epstein piece that aged really badly:

Glowers are losing theior shit: https://twitter.com/ImperatorTruth/status/1300078904523268096?s=20

Violent Q people: https://twitter.com/prayingmedic/status/1299027591106449409?s=20

Thank Goodness: https://twitter.com/RubyRed02614435/status/1298991118189658114?s=20

Guantanomo WWG1WGA Gardens: https://twitter.com/mishehy/status/1295245877402107904?s=20

One big ring NXIVM, PizzaGate, John of God, The Finders, Dutroux and Epstein: https://twitter.com/ImperatorTruth/status/1299386944414191619?s=20

PedoGate Part 3: https://twitter.com/MouthyBuddha/status/1299190869829001216?s=20

An Agenda by the left: https://twitter.com/KarluskaP/status/1298778849602396162?s=20

Killed oops: https://twitter.com/MrAndyNgo/status/1298833015548739587?s=20

Where we are: https://twitter.com/KirbySommers/status/1299919535739416577?s=20

Shot twice in the back? https://twitter.com/hijodelcuervo/status/1299343654318936065?s=20

No docs being released in Ghislaine case: https://twitter.com/trebillion/status/1299392092209201154?s=20

Epstein jail has serious issues: https://twitter.com/ImMindInspired/status/1298784099335733249?s=20

Operation Not Forgotten: https://twitter.com/trebillion/status/1299130610401726464?s=20

Singer 20 years of people knowing: https://twitter.com/ImperatorTruth/status/1298637832949510145?s=20

Bryan Singer and Epstein ties: https://twitter.com/RubyRed02614435/status/1298647522500648960?s=20

ADL bannings: https://twitter.com/Know_More_News/status/1298651467243384832?s=20

United States v Maxwell.

Government submitted 165,000 pages of discovery material. https://www.courtlistener.com/recap/gov.uscourts.nysd.539612/gov.uscourts.nysd.539612.46.0_1.pdf

Partially under seal: https://www.courtlistener.com/recap/gov.uscourts.nysd.539612/gov.uscourts.nysd.539612.47.0_1.pdf

Maria Farmer status: https://twitter.com/tinkeringhalo10/status/1296815522646982662?s=20

Little St James: https://share.par.pw/post/8f8db0da5f2742668be8ab536264ad9c

Reality of #SaveTheChildren: https://archive.is/Q2I1f

#ECB mystery man as Epstein’s longtime accountant and a co-executor of his $634 million estate: 47-year-old Richard Kahn: https://archive.is/pCNER

#ECB Dershowitz’s latest target for antisemitism smears: Jeffrey Epstein’s victims: https://archive.is/XH8ui

#ECB: Ellen, People are not who they pretend to be: https://archive.is/T0sMB

John Roberts on Epstein flight logs: https://twitter.com/Mordecai7777/status/1299778373888159744?s=20

#ECB: Raniere, facing possible life sentence, wants judge to know 'he's being watched': https://archive.is/LDpdX

Kinda pissed they censored this: https://twitter.com/BearClawProds/status/1299414555714555914?s=20

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