At Midnight tonight, the State of Oklahoma will close down all non critical businesses over Covid 19!

in palnet •  14 days ago 

Today the Oklahoma Governor issued an executive order closing all but critical functions here in Oklahoma at midnight.

Image from Oklahoma website:
We have had Covid 19 diagnosed in 165 citizens, with under a thousand tested, and 59 hospitalized and we sadly lost 5 people!

As a reference, in a similar time frame (since September of 2019); we had 3033 hospitalized, and 67 deaths from a different contagion.

My question is simple:
WHY are we closing the State Now? We ignored another disease (the rinovirus) which killed ten times as many people in a similar time frame, with zero government notice?

The other important question is this:
While all this is going on, do you know what this is doing to your retirement account and savings? THIS is the actual target of this attack, they are Professional thieves on a Historically massive scale!

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I don't even remember the flu going around last year and it's probably spread the same way so people should have been wearing masks right?

The numbers show that a LOT more people died from the rinovirus, than from this boogieman.

Spreads the same way, so Momma was right, be careful when you cough, and wash your hands often.


Yes this is a variant of the rinovirus right? But this seems to infect people quicker and easier?

It is similar but not a variant. They apparently slowed the time to mature, which means longer time to spread it before you know. Also longer to wait before you are clear of it.

The depths of the Chinese mind, to come up with a common cold like weapon of terror!


Well we know they came up with it but did they intentionally put it out into the public?

No, if they had launched it, it would have started HERE! I think it got away from them quite by accident. They also would have launched it in September; to damage the elections!


Yeah I agree. They developed it but it escaped from them accidentally.

Their quality control always did suck! So now all they can tell the World is OOOPS, sorry.