3 Scientific Studies that Destroy Mainstream Thinking on Major Global Current Events - Economics | Coronavirus | 9/11 (Hulsey Report Published Today)

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I have researched many topics over countless hours, days, months and years and have a wildly different understanding of what is occurring on this planet to most people I encounter. I have been writing about some aspects of what I have learned here on the blockchain for a few years and yet it seems few people who don't already know the details of what I am saying are listening. Some will only listen to 'experts' (who gets to decide who is an expert?), while some prefer simply denying aspects of reality for their own reasons. In any case, let's take a look at some 'voices of authority' from various fields who destroy mainstream narratives.

The reality is that to fully explain the details of the majority of the world's most important 'stories' requires going over hundreds of pages of evidence and ensuring that the listener has no gaps in their understanding of many interconnected topics. In truth, to do this would take something approaching an amount of time and work equivalent to a university degree (or longer). It's not that the details are necessarily complicated, but that there are so many of them spanning many years and that they thoroughly challenge heavily engrained belief systems that most people seem to share at this point. There is a difficulty due to the amount of information and also the degree to which people are entrenched in a counter narrative and are unwilling to question it.

Due to these challenges, I am just going to leave here a brief summary of three different scientific papers that drastically challenge the view of the world that has been presented by governments, mainstream media and 'scientific experts' for some time.

9/11 - The Hulsey report - 25th March 2020

Today, the finished version of the Hulsey report was published out of the Alaska Fairbanks University. It is a privately funded, thorough scientific study of the mechanics of the collapse of the world trade center towers in New York in 2001 (known as the 9/11 attacks). The mainstream narrative has always been that these towers collapsed only due to the impacts of the airliners that hit them and the resulting office fires that heated supporting columns and caused structural failure. War was started off the back of these events with Iraq (despite no direct connection being identified between the alleged hijackers and Iraq!).

The Hulsey report is the result of over 4 years of focused research, painstakingly recreating the towers in computer simulations to determine whether or not the alleged method of collapse described by the US Gov's NIST report is plausible or not. Note: Members of NISTs own team said the were underfunded and 'set up to fail' by the government.

The conclusion of the report is that US Gov's investigation into the collapse of the towers was utterly flawed and incorrect in it's conclusions. The final summary conclusion of the Halsey report is that the twin towers could NOT have collapsed through office fires and that the evidence shows that there is no possible way that the towers could have collapsed into their own footprint, as the evidence shows they did, without all the supporting columns of the towers failing simultaneously.

To all intents and purposes, this means that the towers must have been destroyed at least in part by some kind of internal - pre planned - demolition process. This is exactly what thousands of architects and engineers have been saying for over 15 years and what countless family members of victims of the attack have also come to understand.

You can access the Hulsey Report here.

Can Banks Create Money Out of Nothing? Empirical Evidence from Prof. Richard Werner

A fundamental lynch pin of the enslavement system being used against humanity is that of 'credit', 'loans' and 'mortgages'. Nearly all people have wrongly assumed that when they take out a loan from a bank, the money involved actually exists and that they are truly borrowing 'something'... After all, why would they be forced to pay interest on something that didn't really exist? Surely that wouldn't be right.

Numerous documentaries and researchers have shown that the fractional reserve banking system and other contractual 'anomalies' in the banking system have meant that the banks literally DO create money out of thin air, then loan it out (using sleight of hand) and even dare to charge interest on the fictional money. Imagine how wealthy you would be if you could multiply whatever money you had in your pocket by 13 times and then get paid interest on it too! That's what banks have been doing for a long time with the fully complicity of all government agencies.

Professor Richard Werner, an economics specialist, carried out the world's first empirical study of this phenomena by tracing transactions within a German bank's computer systems. Amazingly, there was debate among economists prior to this study because some thought that this 'loaning money out of nothing' simply didn't happen! His study shows that, 'yes', banks are enslaving everyone by forcing them to pay interest on imaginary money and the interest literally doesn't exist in the global currency systems. The inevitable outcome is that people WILL lose their homes, REGARDLESS of how hard they work or how smart they are.

You can access Richard Werner's paper here

Coronavirus from Bats Was Engineered with SARS and HIV in Chinese and US Labs

The recent pandemic of the 'novel coronavirus' named 'COVID 19' has led to a wide variety of theories, narratives and counter narratives. I have seen numerous theories spread around online which are backed by little evidence. At the same time I have seen theories which DO have significant evidence behind them being ridiculed by 'science' websites as being 'conspiracy theories' while these sites provide nothing substantial to back up their assertions. Ironically, these so called 'scientists' are ridiculing the scientific process and destroying their reputations in the process - all while trying to stem the spread of certain versions of events.

The topic of biological research and even bioweapons research is clearly one that is not easily understood by outsiders and that is part of the problem. Despite the complexities involved, most people will be able to understand that the following study is relevant:

Difference in Receptor Usage between Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) Coronavirus and SARS-Like Coronavirus of Bat Origin

This paper was published in 2007 and was apparently based on research carried out in China and the university of Maryland, USA. Whistleblowers have stated that some of the work was carried out in secure biohazard labs in the Wuhan area of China where it has been reported that COVID-19 was first identified.

The gist of the paper is that work was undertaken to combine the deadly SARS virus with novel forms of coronavirus found in bats, plus the added 'fun' ingredient of a 'pseudo' HIV component. In short, they appear to have deliberately created pretty much the same virus that the world has been experiencing. This was done despite the US having banned such work at the time.

Whether or not this research truly is connected to the existence of COVID-19 has yet to be proven 100% - however, what IS clear is that those who claim that there is no evidence that COVID-19 was engineered in a lab cannot do so without detailed reference to this study and other similar sources of evidence.

You can view the full paper on SARS Chimera virus engineering here


I personally think that if every person on Earth knew about these papers and the work behind them, they would be making wildly different choices to the ones currently being made by the majority on Earth. Denial is the real epidemic we face and being aware of sources of information like this is an important part of ending that denial.

Please share this post on with your friends and family at this crucial time. The decisions we make during this period will determine our fate in numerous ways - let's not design our destiny based on incomplete information!

If you have any comments on these papers then please do let us know below.

Wishing you well,
Ura Soul

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There's just a lot of shouting down that happens nowadays without actually looking at science and sources. With Corona, it certainly seems that the powers that be wanted this created and had them do it but most likely on the terms of "we have no knowledge or record of you doing this and will not be associated" type of scenario. Though it being linked to the U of Maryland seems say otherwise, there's no doubt that this whole thing has been controlled in a sense. I think it was a bit uncontrolled though in the unplanned release of it. I think if it was truly controlled, there would've been a vaccine waiting in the winds a couple days after things started to get widespread. So far, there doesn't seem to be the case though groups are obviously working feverishly for that coveted multi-billion dollar vaccine market share they would reap in this scenario.

These types of things need to constantly be posted onto the blockchain where permanence is guaranteed as long as the chain exists. Keep it up!

Well, it seems that going against all expectation even from the UK's chief science officer (who stated he didn't expect a vaccine to be available for at least a year) - an Israeli group say they will have one in less than 90 days:

Thanks for your support - I appreciate it!

Well, isn't vaccination only the solution to be monetarised when the problem and reaction are exhausted? Unless everyone sees through the myths. I don't see a reason to hurry. They have everything under control but the truth. !invest_vote

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Finally, I read your posting. Thanks for sharing those references. I'm completely with you in those three cases. I just don't get how you can state, with all those principles in place that you mentioned, that Hive is decentralized - just because there are +20 Nodes supporting its basic functions and jada jada... There's quite some indications that "Ninja stake" was involved while it has been created, just as "Ninja stake" has been given as a reason to fork Steem in the first place - and that's not the thing I want to criticize. But that decentralization can not exist in delegated systems. Although I wish that Hive is going to be a success to many! Chain on! Chains off!!

(This is on Steem, cross commenting on Hive.)

As long as there are only 20 top witnesses then any DPOS system will not be fully decentralised, but it is at least better than having only one 'witness' controlling the top 20 servers and their operators as has happened on Steem. A distributed version of hive/steem would be optimal, where every user is their own 'witness', but we don't have the technology for that yet.
It's true that the ninja stake from steem has changed the landscape that led up to the creation of hive, but so has the warped economics that were created via the fiat system too and we can't do much about that at all at the moment. As I understand, the ninja mined tokens from steem were directly moved into the Hive Dao, which is the basis for hive's development fund (worker proposals), so it is being used fully for the intentions that were planned for it to be used in Steem, yet which justin sun has now prevented on steem.

Good. Thanks for making this clear. Now I read "less-centralized then
..", and that's truly a good thing. Chain on! Chains off!! !invest_vote

PS. Interesting that you answer to my comment only on Steem and not Hive yet. btw: I hope everyone will be looking for the Proposal on @GINAbot 2.0 (I have not seen one so far) or reads about it at BuildTeam CEO Update: STEEM/HIVE Services Roadmap

I actually didn't notice that you commented on both platforms and just replied to you on STEEM first ;)
I would vote for a Ginabot proposal if it made sense, yes.

Hi there

I've been reading through many comments related to new hive chain and I've seen your comment too. Many users are being torn, however majority seem to be moving to new hive.

Are you fully moving there or will you stay on both chains? Just curious. I'm trying to figure out what to do myself.

Ahoy! My purpose for using STEEM was always to communicate in an uncensored way with the world, plus to then also help decentralise things and since I can get 'paid' too I also use it to help me resource my communication too. Unfortunately, since I want to reach as many people as possible, I still also post on totally centralised networks like FB and twitter. Even in the face of the centralisation on STEEM, it doesn't make sense to me to stop posting here as long as there are any people here to communicate with (since fb and twitter are far more censored and I still use those). However, I will be posting content here that can help inspire awareness of the pros/cons of each system and currently I see there are more pros to HIVE. I have shut down my witness on STEEM as it is impossible to breakeven with it in the face of Justin Sun's hostile takeover (unless I buttkiss him enough, which is absolutely not what I am going to do and absolutely the opposite of decentralisation). I am currently running a witness on HIVE.

In short, I fully expect HIVE to replace STEEM in the coming months, but for now I will crosspost since it doesn't take me much time to do so. Does that help?

Big Thx for your reply. I think i will stick around on both chains for time being.

I also figured that you may find this post interesting and worth your time:

It's post published by good friend of mine and I'm helping him to promote their curation trail.

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