Trump Approval Sharpest Drop on Record

in news •  2 months ago 

Trump Approval Sharpest Drop on Record

--Donald Trump experiences the sharpest drop in approval of his presidency during his continued mishandling of the coronavirus pandemic response

Does he have a chance to recover this lost ground?

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  ·  2 months ago (edited)

I seen what you did there, you poll shopped and cherry picked your objective. Nice try but no cheesecake for you. Both the Harvard and NBC polling showed same or above approval rating, 46 and 49 percent. Though 55 percent said they don't like the president personally 56 percent said they approve of his handling of the economy, 51 percent approve of his handling of corona virus. In another survey Joe Biden got 36 percent on the economy to Trumps 47 percent. On the corona virus in the NBC polling 26 percent said they'd trust Joe Biden while 29 percent said they wouldn't trust Joe Biden's handling of corona virus. Shows you people know Biden pretty well when it comes to selling out Americans to China. Since percentages on who people would vote for fell within the range of cancelling each other out with the plus or minus accuracy of the poll then also considering they asked more democrats than republicans Trump would come out a slight margin ahead to maybe a dead heat with Biden. The only thing Biden really swung out ahead of in all this data is that he had a sixteen percent lead in that people felt Biden may care about them more and 59 percent said he would probably be better at bringing people together. Meaning he'd be more apt to stay the course on social programs and getting countries together to keep selling out America.