Coronavirus Vaccine Achieves 100% Immunity

in news •  11 days ago 

Coronavirus Vaccine Achieves 100% Immunity

--A coronavirus vaccine trial of a vaccine candidate made by Moderna achieves 100% immunity in its Phase I trial with limited side effects and has huge potential to be available in the fall

Is a vaccine on the way?

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David, I know your neck deep dealing with the news, but are you aware Justin Sun who bought Steemit inc, is stealing user funds using a fork he did last night? I would be selling any steem you have, as it's about to loose most of it's users.

Have any links you can share about this?

So far this is one of the best reports of it I've found so far, with the follow up having a lot of details and sources of info.
first report:

follow up after they talked to a lawyer: