Summarizing 70% of the Syrian Crisis in One Caricature

in news •  9 days ago 

Much of the real deal of what's happening in Syria can be understood from this caricature:


The USA in the backseat - was in the backseat most of the early days of the crisis then got involved from air in its illegal coalition then sent troops on the ground as its terrorists were losing the battles - using the super rich Gulf Arabs (the wagon driver looks pretty similar to the former Saudi king Abdullah) who drives masked terrorists, the followers of his Wahhabi religion, or as our mentor @arabisouri calls them: 'the anti-Islamic Wahhabi Sex Jihadists', brilliant :)

The missing 30% of the Syrian Crisis is the Turkish Ottoman Sultan Erdogan and the Israelis, the Europeans do the cheering for these crimes.

Image source: New Syria FB page - 2012

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Thanks for the mention, I did call them like that just describing who they are, literally.