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The new New Green Deal is called Thrive. The gameplan is not simply to beat Trump 2020 via one way or another, there are many ways they are doing it and one of them involves saying Trump lost even when Trump wins. It's critical to understand several levels to how they go after winning. They go after plunging stocks, the economy down 40% and then even farther down to get many people to beg for Biden or whoever.

President Pelosi 2021

Pelosi: "Whether he [Trump] knows it or not, he will be leaving... I'm second in-line, uhhh, to the presidency." 2020-07-20 - MSNBC - Morning Joe.

2020-09-28 - Monday - Weekly Photos - 101pics | Mirror | Video

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2020-09-28 - Monday

Oatmeal Daily - 2020-09-28 - Monday
Published in September of 2020

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By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

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You Are What You Eat

Who knew abotu Covid years ago?

09:29 AM - Hive

Exactly, I am adding this link to my blog. Thanks. I found out about Jon Rappoport on Infowars. Yeah, he is on the money.

@aagabriel wrote

This was recorded in February 2005 - Jon Rappoport - Secret Behind Secret Societies P3 - Black Operations - The Freeman Perspective Feb 2005
Not prescient, not predictive but Jon Rappoport is exactly on the money when he spoke on vaccines, virii & pandemics being exercised as medical militia strictures upon society in 2005!

What about Covid?

05:07 PM - Facebook

Survival rate for living is 0% as all humans do die eventually.

Therefore, if leftists were logical, they'd ban life because of that, oh wait they do, it's called abortion, but maybe not for that exact reason.


Learn English You Can Eat


What do you think about online dating?

09:39 AM - Hive

My favorite part of what you wrote here is this, "It depends on our ability to be honest with ourselves in order to tap into the wisdom that can be acquired in romantic relationships." Exactly. You're a smart cookie, Mary.

@creativemary wrote

Exactly! Often we later realize that our perspective might have been flawed, looking with the wrong pair of glasses at the mirror. We usually dislike about others what we dislike about ourselves. The amount of learning that we can do while interacting with a loved one is massive. It depends on our ability to be honest with ourselves in order to tap into the wisdom that can be acquired in romantic relationships.
Sometimes people repeat the same pattern over and over again only with a different partner. Unaware of the fact that they haven't learned anything from the past, they are stuck on repeat. Relationships don't make you better or more experienced if you haven't learned from them. It's like bragging about doing something for 30 years even if you've done it poorly. I get a huge inner smile and meditate when I hear about people being proud about having dozens of relationships which burned and failed, thinking it was always the other. That is why marriage is the toughest relationship of all because you can't just fly around out of it with ease as with a relationship. It's definetely a hot topic and to sum it up I think that we need to learn and make better choices in regards to a future partner.

President Pelosi 2021

2020-07-20 - Pelosi: The President ‘Doesn’t Know What He’s Talking About’ | Morning Joe | MSNBC - Twitter | BPR | Duck Duck Go Search Results

Pelosi: "Whether he [Trump] knows it or not, he will be leaving... I'm second in-line, uhhh, to the presidency."

Pelosi: "Because the presidency is the presidency, it's not geography, it's not location." That means they are trying to elect a president of the leftist states of America, that is a new country that will fork off the USA assuming they can't steal it from Trump 2020. They will try to have Pelosi in a new White House in a different location and that is why she said it is not about location.

What's my middle name?

Joe Scott Montana who was in the news saving his granddaughter from an attempted kidnapping a few days ago. 49ers, football quarterback player.


Wake Up

02:42 AM - INFOWARS THE ALEX JONES SHOW🌟09/27/2020🌟{{{WAKE UP}}}🌟

CNN goes lives Saturday, people yell, "CNN is fake news," the CNN anchor says they can't really hear the CNN reporter out in the street very well over the crowd chanting that CNN sucks. So, they cut to some other person in a studio somewhere.

The gameplan is not simply to beat Trump 2020 via one way or another, there are many ways they are doing it and one of them involves saying Trump lost even when Trump wins. It's critical to understand several levels to how they go after winning. They go after plunging stocks, the economy down 40% and then even farther down to get many people to beg for Biden or whoever.

Alex Jones talks about Internet kill switch is partly true but it is hard to explain to non-nerds. Because it is a bad thing but there is still hope.

The 100

2020-09-28 - Monday - 03:26 AM - 04:12 AM - The 100 605

The person in Clark kills somebody and dances.

The temptation of immortality.

2020-09-28 - Monday - 04:12 AM - 04:54 AM - The 100 606

Aired the night of an election.

One is 206 years old.

Clark in a dream inside her own mind.

Quick sand.

The dark side of the force inside the girl, like the Emperor.

Wake Up

09:10 AM - INFOWARS THE ALEX JONES SHOW🌟09/27/2020🌟{{{WAKE UP}}}🌟

Madison Not Mao

01:29 PM - The Alex Jones Show | Mon 9/28/20 {1st & 2nd Hour}

Disneyland had hologram projected ghosts in their theme park rides back in the 1950's if not earlier, that was using old tech. Project Blue Beam would use much more advance projections if they were to do it in 2020, that is 70 years later, or someday.

David Icke spoke at an event in England and he spoke 2 speakers early, he was going to be the last speaker, but he had to go to the bathroom so far away, so he spoke, and then the yellow jacket police came to stop the event and the fake news said people attacked police. It was the complete opposite, this was yesterday.

Where is Hunter Biden?

Millie Weaver

11:25 PM - Multistreaming with Restream.io

Shutdown DC is a terrorism event all about stopping the 2020 Trump Election Victory.

If Trump wins, which he will, they will protest the election results. If Trump loses, which he will not outside of efficient voter fraud, etc, they'll protest police, etc.

The new New Green Deal is called Thrive.

Sunshine Expose

Big documentary coming in October of 2020

Think CAREFULLY about this election, folks. If Trump loses, it is the end of the Republic and the west as we know it. There will NEVER be another Republican president, because they WILL do away with the electoral college, they WILL flood the country with millions of illegals, and they WILL take your guns and your rights away.

Not Shadow Gate

11:54 PM - YouTube

@Patrick plumber, what you wrote is partly inaccurate on several levels, I watched Shadow Gate, I follow Millie Weaver and Alex Jones, and others. It's a long story and different people have been saying different things regarding all of this. The documentary doesn't actually say a lot about Roger Stone, literally some seconds to a few minutes at the most. Alex was talking about the people Millie interviewed in the documentary and what they have said in other videos outside of the documentary itself. So, the problem wasn't between Alex and Millie. So, you have to look specifically at the man she interviewed and not so much the woman. The biggest issue Alex had wasn't personal but was according to what other people he trusts told him regarding the one man Millie interviewed in the documentary, and they told Alex to remove the documentary off banned.video and that was a big issue, they didn't want Infowars to promote Shadow Gate which they did and they didn't want that. There are a lot of details in this and it may include things relating to Qanon or Q. Alex has talked about Q for example. The one man was throwing Roger Stone under the bus which is quite deceptive and Alex didn't like that. The man didn't really say a lot about it in Shadow Gate itself, like I said, the documentary is not really that bad. The problem is this other guy and what he has done and what he has done outside of the film. I should write articles and make videos about all of this, it's a long story that takes a long time to understand, to be continued.

@Dubz0Eight, Exactly, I like what Kaitlin Bennett said regarding Torre or Torri and that one guy.

And, remember, President Trump is trying to defund the UN. This is backlash from that on top of Commies infiltrating our education system.



09:00 PM - 02:40 AM. Then upload daily oats. Watch 2 episodes of The 100.


09:10 AM - I see That Star Wars Girl Anna and/or somebody else like her. Before that, I was at the warehouse and/or some kind of place where she was. It was abandoned or the people moved out and it was the office and gym for the NBA Celtics and/or another basketball team and/or something else. Maybe a coffee factory. They showed me bullet holes in the wall or I remember one at least. I took tours or walked around the building or I mean through it and some told me about. After that, I would go there and hide there from other people. I was like a bad guy or probably a good guy like spy. Others may go there too. I go up a building and then into a jet. FBI or others go with me. We were at a place burning old wood and other things and then I started lighting trees and one fell over onto a building and flipping some of the other higher stories over as if they were blocks or LEGO. I went up that building or skyscraper later on with others to get to the jet or whatever it was and then we are flying or maybe it was not moving and I may have helped them get there to go after the bad guys or who knows.


10:30 AM - Cereal. Pancakes. Coffee.


11:00 AM - 01:20 PM - Went to the little house, found the small step ladder. Clean up spider webs all over. Put stuff together. Fire extinguisher from under the sink to under the door. After like 20 minutes or less, spent the rest of the time digging the ditch some more with a pick axe, rake, and shovel. Pulled up a metal fence post which snapped at the base. My glasses were almost coming off. Mostly stopped as I was sore, needed water, the sun was coming down pretty hard even in September. Lunch was good after that. And then was working on a chicken coop or coup or chicken house until like 04:20 PM. Started on that. Put some wood and palettes and things up in where the house may go. Will try to finish this project before November 2020. Do not live in a fridge and put away the milk. Shower and now it is 04:48 PM.

05:30 PM - 09:00 PM - The ability to go out the door and to come right back can be hard. You can feel stuck and you can feel like you want to run away physically as a personification of internal psychological drama and trauma. Macaroni. Fruits like grapes, strawberries, watermelon, pineapple, etc. Worst part of my week, digging a hole as mentioned earlier today. Best part was sitting down at the coolest table here. Not too long ago, actually like 25 years ago on my favorite show probably at that time, Power Rangers, a character left and they got a new yellow ranger named Alicia. Almost the same in some ways. Two circles games. Like twister but with people. In the final I was there and the city of Greece vs the yellow ranger and Bruce Wayne Batman. They won. I said good job to Greece and that it was my fault. Vacuum example, it needs power and we need power from God too. We must be connected to God to get the power. We must get that Internet. There are different ways to stick paper to cardboard and we listed them. Also, different ways to connect us to each other and to God, prayer, writing, entertainment, singing, etc. Different ways to connect to the Bible including memorizing scriptures. Different ways to read the Bible, to study it, to talk about it, to learn about it, to share it, etc. We talked about that. Hide and seek in the dark. Health and natural remedies. OCD. It can be tough for some people regarding many things. It can be hard to talk about and wait it out and stand by the door of our hearts but patience is key and it helps indeed and it depends the name of Skip. The name of a lion. Tradition, habits can turn into lifestyles. Teleportation talk. Watch out for new age garbage. Sloppy Joe. Please leave. You're breaking my heart when you say that. Relevance talk.Do not get lost in other universe which may or may not exist. Be careful how words are used and what a word may or may not mean. Imagine 13 ants. Imagine how words are so complex. It can be not enough. You can be too young and too distracted. One youth group wears masks and do social distancing. But the mountain does not. Instead, hugging and all kinds of things which is better. Masks is a bad choice.

09:40 PM - 10:25 PM - A nap which felt like many hours but wasn't even an hour long.

Love that the pear eyeline matches your lips, very natural and lushes.
Almira Mandey

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