Twitter Ban; Jean Luc Brunel Found, No Assange Pardon?

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Twitter Ban; Jean Luc Brunel Found, No Assange Pardon?

Dlive Replay:

The Dlive replay is different from the YouTube Video below. The Dlive one is longer, same topics but is me walking with the dog.

YouTube Video:

In this video I discuss how I am disappointed that Julian Assange was not pardoned by Trump. I also talk about my recent twitter banning for a week. Then I discuss the main point of the video which is Jean Luc Brunel (Epstein Pedo Ring) has been found in France...

Jean Luc Brunel Found:

Ryan Dawson's video; I don't endorse everything he says, but his information about Jean Luc Brunel is accurate...

Thanks for watching and screw YouTube!

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