Truth and the 24 hour news cycle is Information Warfare on your mind

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I feel odd. I usually know everything that is happening on a hour by hour basis but over the last few days I have 100% tuned out.

We are conditioned to watch MSM

I used to check reddit or drudge or some sort of news aggregation website to see what is currently happening in the MSM every few hours or so, sometimes even multiple times in an hour. That sweet sweet hit of dopamine washing through me as I gained knowledge "first", or at least before the majority of people. We are conditioned to consume MSM narrative...

Knowing their narrative, debunking/fact checking their narrative, then putting out what is our fact checked blog/video/live stream about the topic. All within hours to 24 hours this happens, the quick flow of information is key as most people will forget about the story tomorrow. Having the story NOW and BEFORE ANYONE ELSE is the biggest advantage you can have, the second biggest advantage is to debunk it within hours(because by tomorrow the masses don't care or remember anymore) Every day a new narrative emerges. We are conditioned to consume MSM narrative...

Does society ACTUALLY value truth? No. They value the idea of it.

"Tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies!"

The truth is out there, and there are people dedicated to telling it. The MSM is there just to spread their government approved narrative while making advertising money and in many cases tax payer money. These sweet little lies enable the deep state or powers that be to do whatever they want. The controllers and people who wish to impose "their order" or what I am going to start calling "globalism's Fourth Reich".

Though it might not be 100% factually accurate, it is close enough. Globalism is the Fourth Reich, change my mind! People don't have enough time to read more than the headlines, give them an easily understandable headline. Globalism is the Fourth Reich.

The 24 hour news cycle is a huge stressor that makes you "feel" left out if you don't constantly follow it. It is part of the InformationWar that is waged on the masses in order to dominate. Good hard working people who go to their jobs everyday in order to support their family "don't have time" to read various sources of info and cross check facts/videos/pictures/evidence. I can't tell you how many times I got into arguments with family members or friends or acquaintances who know absolutely nothing beyond headlines. It is pretty frustrating trying to explain to them that a chemical attack didn't actually happen in Syria. Or that the Kurds are actually bad because they were the ones who largely killed all the Armenians in the Armenian Genocide. I seem like a psycho to them when I am "denying all the stuff they saw on the news", it must be true it was breaking news and there was someone telling me sweet little lies!!! They had charisma and sounded like they knew what they were talking about!

This proposes an interesting question, evolution when?

The current META human model is clearly obsolete for the majority of people. We have a problem, for the few of us who are truly burdened by our own intelligence, it is driving us absolutely mad when we interact with others. But we wouldn't be driven mad if most people were on the same level as us. Therein lies the rub!

When will the masses of humans be around the same level of intellect? Is such a thing even possible? Do we need augmented technology to make this into a reality?

Right now the humans of this world are mainly centrally controlled by master class manipulators who for the most part are not controlling you for "good reasons" or "because they want to make sure everything goes well and people are happy". Such people by definition cannot be considered "good" because people who want to control your lives by default are sadistic and possibly worse, evil devils. There may be a few rare exceptions of the "benevolent dictator" but you never hear of such a person giving total freedom to their subjects, stop collecting taxes, or dissolving their army, etc.

So how does a decentralized group of people take down such a centrally planned organized group? I might normally say "change as many minds as you can" but that sounds manipulative. Tell the truth to as many people as you can, teach why it is true, show how to prove if something is true or not. Need to be more self reliant and not reliant on big government. The USA was originally founded to be like that, and slowly turned into a centralized Fourth Reich.

The masses of humans today do not have a survival mechanism for "truth" being the end all be all. Most are running old software that allowed you to "go along to get along". When a king conquered your king you immediately abandoned all your principles and swore fealty to the new king, in order to survive. When a neighboring tribe came over and killed all the warriors, they enslaved the women and took them as their property and the women went along with it in order to survive for as long as possible. The ironic thing about that is that it ACTUALLY is a long term winning strategy for your gene pool, but it is at an extreme expense, the truth.

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Rule by force is the disease, who and how are symptoms.

I decided a couple of years ago to drop out of the manufactured news cycles. Both left and right exaggerate to outright lie, always designed to get folks pissed off. I grew sick of that ride and got off. Enough folks in my immediate proximity that need navigated through, no need to get angry at strangers who are probably being lied about anyway, lol.

I gave into an urge and checked the news today, "Trump health scare". Potentially he had a health issue and went to a hospital unannounced and left shortly after. Some health scare! heh.

I am not missing anything right now. maybe when some people start dropping out for nominees for each party there will be something happening.

Right now it seems like action and real movements happening at in Hong Kong and Middle East, some stuff in South America. Other than that, Westerners living fat and happy and letting it turn into Rome slowly to crumble.