Trump Sycophantic Jim Jordan Attacks Fauci Over BLM Protests

in humor •  11 days ago 

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Trump Sycophantic Jim Jordan Attacks Fauci Over BLM Protests: During Friday’s House coronavirus hearings, hard line Trump ally Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio), came right after Anthony Fauci with a series of extremely combative questions, such as whether he thinks the government should limit protests to help slow the spread of the coronavirus.

Jordon further confronted Fauci, claiming that support for “Black Lives Matter” protests is "encouraging riots.” Well then, no wonder Rep. Jordon is mad as hell. After all, "encouraging riots” is supposed to be Donald Trump’s job - and we all know how hard it is to find good jobs these days.

Now, I know Jordon’s critics are gonna claim Donald Trump has been holding large, crammed rallies, where hardly anyone wears masks - but, if you watched Fox News, you’d know that "no one’s ever contracted the coronavirus by attending a Trump rally.”

Well, of course, there’s Herman Cain - but let’s get real. If Republicans acted like they really cared about what happened to him, that would come way too close to sounding as if “Black Lives Matter.”

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