Money need influence but influence doesn't need money !

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The most positive thing that's happening to this world now is that people are waking up. We start to understand thing we never thought about before. It seems that the hard time create the development. When you have a problem you create a solution and that is the evolution.

We see now governments demonstrating their influence to citizens. That made me think about how those people are getting such power. Of course the most rich one can do much more and have more control on others. But do they really need that money if they already have such influence ? They may don't need it at all.

I mean if someone wants to have the influence he/she needs a lot of money for that or relations of course who have wealth, but to be in touch with such people he/she needs money anyway. So to have big wealth we need influence. But do we need that money if we already have that influence ? I don't think so.

Maybe I'm wrong but I think that those people who already have big influence and especially if they create the law and change it when they want and control the money and choose who to reward and who not, they can even reward themselves with what they want. They may consider themselves elite who don't need papers or coins to acquire something. They even don't use the term buying maybe because they have their managers who do that for them. They have almost everything they need.

This is the world we are living in, this is what's called capitalism. Some people don't even buy anything because they have everything and some to buy a little thing have to work very hard.

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