RE: "Coronavirus Is a Bioweapon" - Says US Bioweapon Lawmaker. + Danish Law Allows Forced Vaccinations!

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"Coronavirus Is a Bioweapon" - Says US Bioweapon Lawmaker. + Danish Law Allows Forced Vaccinations!

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The bottom graph is not labelled - is it for scarlet fever? There is no vaccine for Scarlet fever and yet it was eradicated around the same time as the other diseases.

Vaccines DO cause deaths, this is well known and well documented. Billions of dollars have been paid out in compensation due to vaccine injury and death - even in the face of a situation where vaccines have been given special legal status that prevents their manufacturers from being sued in the normal way. Manufacturers were facing so many cases that they pressured the US gov to change the law or they said they would not be able to continue making/selling vaccines.

What evidence is there that a disease would cease to exist if the whole world were vaccinated for it? Consider that we know for sure that Scarlet fever ceased to exist WITHOUT vaccines.

If people want to VOLUNTARILY be vaccinated, that is up to them. The decision to try to force people to be vaccinated is EXTREMELY EVIL - it is based in fear and a lack of understanding of the nature of life, health and self.

A huge wealth of information and personal tragic stories exists online from the families of victims of vaccine injury, they are not hard to find and they are as heart wrenching as any other story you will see relating to health.

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nope scarlet fever vaccine did not exist 1911 and there was between 1924-1945 which was proven to be not effective. treatement against scarlet fever is antibiotics (invented during first world war) and prevented by handwashing and not sharing toothbrushes... i guess the decrease of scarlet fever cases is due to antibiotics not vaccine....

so actually i have now no clue why we even discuss scarlet fever if there is no vaccine?

polio is eradicated from most of the world, and we almost eradicated polio if it werent for the antivaccer taliban. but ye u dont have polio in US anymore for example but in pakistan afghanistan.

last smallpox case was in 1977 thx to vaccine.

deseases that are highly contageous require all to be vacinated in order to eradicate them, why would an individual right to refuse to stop spreading the desease be valued more than the right of a baby to live? in order to reach 95% immunity, for every one person who refuses to vaccinate then 19 other people have to get second mmr vaccine, and there are already some who cant take the vaccine for alergy and health reasons.