RE: "Coronavirus Is a Bioweapon" - Says US Bioweapon Lawmaker. + Danish Law Allows Forced Vaccinations!

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"Coronavirus Is a Bioweapon" - Says US Bioweapon Lawmaker. + Danish Law Allows Forced Vaccinations!

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which of the vaccines are mandatory or even recommended? i have hepatitis AB vaccine but no idea which but thats because i lived in countries where cases are common.... anthrax though seems very rare though, unless you are a politician targeted by bioterrorism its hard to get anthrax XD... that concludes the deseases i ever heard about. yet i suppose u agree about mmr being safe?

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Legislation in different parts of the world makes different demands of people regarding different vaccines. The US is one of the most extreme and also one of places with the lowest level of overall health - which is not random. Numerous specialists and a few studies have made ultra clear that the overall health of vaccinated children is LOWER than those who are unvaccinated.
The pharma industry has always refused to publish studies which directly compare the health of vaccinated to unvaccinated people - however, private funding has allowed this to take place relatively recently.

I do not agree that MMR is safe, no. My understanding is that each of the individual components of MMR, injected separately, with a time gap, is hugely more safe than the combination version which was field tested on living people and caused numerous problems.

XDDD US health system is just wierd, but if u want to fix it, i would suggest to vote bernie sanders

wat health impacts do those specialists claim and wat evidence they show?

and if u take chemicals one chemical at a time you must be sustaining your self from supplements and not eat real food? maybe you only eat soylent? injecting and eating is different only that a lot of chemicals get broken down in the stomach... but whats different from swallowing medicine and injecting medicine? and a lot of these ingredients are also in normal medicine and dont get broken down by acid... its the dummy virus though that would get broken down in your stomach that needs to make it past ur stomach into ur blood, but thats the point of being a dummy virus, too dummy to be infectious enough

actually i just looked over the mmr ingredients and the only chemical i was unfamiliar with was sorbitol and neomycin.

vitamins, glucose, amino acids, sodium cloride, sodium phosphate, gelatine with removed double bonds to make the gelatine less prone to free radicals, should be all natural products. im guessing the amino acids and the salt is there as a buffer to keep the ph at a safe level, meaning if u take the ingredients separately it would kill you by changing the ph of ur blood. sodium phosphate is also in cocacola and most sodas.

sorbitol is natural

neomycin is an antibiotic to prevent the sample to be contaminated i guess...

about those cells, im sure u agree they are natural, and somehow the virus needs to be carried by cells...