Trump Goes Full Authoritarian in White House Video

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Trump Goes Full Authoritarian in White House Video

Donald Trump goes full authoritarian during a White House press avail, alluding to a possible Roger Stone pardon and suggesting James Comey should be in prison

What will he do next?

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Every time I see something one day proceeded by another significant event the next day it gets my mind wondering. I think this is another one of those times when I find it rather ironic that the announcement of a possible reduction into Stone's sentence followed by there will be no charges when it comes to McCabe is a bit more than just coincidental. My personal opinion is we'll deal liar to liar with you. McCabe not being charged did not, as he has suggested, exonerate him of the charges, he openly and blatantly lied then repeated those lies under oath. I find it rather pathetic he'd preach to the press about the hardships placed on him over this ordeal while they simultaneously ignore reporting on the hardships this has caused Stone's family. Granted per my discussion the other day if there's a middleman to any possible chance a bunch of bumbling idiots actually pulled off election meddling you'd have to look no further than Stone to find him....but absent of solid proof does not equate to guilt and harsh sentencing over a lie. Recent events within Ukraine possesses a good probability that it wasn't a bunch of bumbling idiots making it even more prudent there should be a reduction in sentencing. When we toss that up with the fact that the jury foreperson lied when questioned to sit on the jury that she could be impartial plain reeks, at this point, that a future pardon should exist for those caught up in the web of lies that led to his lies. The woman ran for office as a democrat and made mentions of Stone's arrest on social media while also calling Trump supporters racist. She shouldn't have even been on the jury let alone been the jury foreman.

It's stuff like this that is churning the wheels of many away from the democratic party. This two distinct justice systems, one for us and one for them will not be left to stand. Situations such as these should concern every American, no American should be prosecuted based on being set up by our own intelligence agencies, who, ironically, also lied, then be given a sentence for doing that which many others were doing that could see them living the remainder of their lives behind bars.