CAPS LOCK Trump Explodes in 2-Day Twitter Meltdown

in hive-100421 •  8 months ago 

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--A caps lock-crazed Trump spends the better part of two days tweeting endless rants about everything from Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff to fake news and Mitt Romney

What do you think set Trump off on this extended meltdown?

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What I find funny is that you think he's the one sitting there tweeting out all those tweets. It's a well known fact that famous people don't send out or respond to all the tweets on their accounts. They hire people that do that for them. I can actually see them sitting there making up a number of these tweets laughing like crazy when they come up with how they'll get people triggered. Maybe they even takes bets on whose tweet will be the biggest trigger. I am not saying Trump doesn't indulge as I am sure he does but he's not the sole tweeter maker. You have to remember a lot of this is about distraction, as a whole all politicians know that if you can keep the masses distracted they are less likely to notice that things really don't change much when it comes to politics, they all pretty much run along the same lines.

Based on all the misspellings and weird capitalizations I'd guess that it's him a lot of the time

you might be right though...