The Great Corona Chan Still at Large, Creating a World Order Digital Reset Big 57 Wu Flu.

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The Great Corona Chan Still at Large, Creating a World Order Digital Reset Big 57 Wu Flu.

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Dlive Replay:

YouTube Video: (30 mins shorter roughly cause youtube pulled the stream live and I had to appeal to reinstate the part that was streamed)...

The New World Order Wizards are up to their Corona Chan Wu Flu nonsense once again. They clearly are not even hiding the truth anymore as they prepare the world for a digital reset under their new moronic wizard rules.

Names of Note:
Goddess Corona Chan
Bill Gates the Minor Wizard
Jeff Bezos
Andrew Cuomo
Mandatory Roll Up Your sleevers.

Pastebin Show Notes: Stream:


Thanks for watching and screw YouTube!

Hive Show Notes

Corona Virus Updates:

Watch your ass anyways!!!

It can come through the toilet!!!!

good news:

bad news:

bad news it ain't ever gonna end:

the great reset:

google ceo says what's coming:

digital reset:

Biden is running on a Mask Mandate platform, his take on Coronduh:

mask debtate bident:

The bidening:

stealinjg an election:

cut the camera:

fake numbers:

Pirate hijacking a boat? huh?

Economist 2015:

Econmist 2016:

Medical Babylon the last days:

Fuck Bill Gates and the Coming "Smart World":

Bill Loves the Aussia controls:

Aussie situation:

Bill Backing India to make the mandatory vaccines:

Novavax and Bill Gates:

Novavax and FujiFilm:

Bill Gates:

Bill funding the Smart Network 5g and more:


Robocop scans for the coming smart world:

Corona Virus nightmare world:

Crazy scientists:

UNC lab and corona:

Now even good businesses are shutting the doors:

The real coming pandemic is designed food shortage:

food shortage:

gavin newsome:


cohen and nursing homes?

Can detect:

People sick of the nonsense:

1 at the beach:

  1. Germany strong together:

  2. UK:

Fuck China.

Mysterious Chinese arrest:

china secret prisons:

getting hot:


won an award:

Hollywood satanists:

Corona Masks at MTV VMA's:



Random News stories:

Rapist in Subway NYC:

Let out already:

Brick attack:


Speaks out:

Funny Videos to End on:

We will mock you:

best of biden and bill:

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