Rod of God? Tianjin Blast & the Beirut Blast Analysis.

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Rod of God? Tianjin Blast & the Beirut Blast Analysis.

beirut blast.jpeg

Dlive Replay:

Blast Patterns do not Match Ammonia Nitrate Historical Blast Patterns

Beirut Lebanon Blast Images

beirut blast.jpeg
The Blast

The Crater before and After

crater 2.jpeg
Side View of Massive Crater

Tianjin 2015 Blast Crater Images (Likely Rod of God Weapon)

tianjin explosion.jpeg
The Blast in 2015

tianjin 1.jpeg
Tianjin Crater Overhead

Tianjin Blast Side View.

In my opinion the above blast patterns are one and the same. Both ended with massive and very deep craters, that were most likely created by a "Rod of God Weapon" due to the size of the blast and the DEEP and LARGE crater.

Rod of God Weapon:

West Fertilizer Company Explosion - Ammonia Nitrate Explosion

texas 2.jpeg
The Blast Size is Similar to Tianjin and Beirut

texas explosion.jpeg
Almost No Crater Hole by Comparison

side view texas.jpeg
Side View of Texas Ammonia Nitrate Blast

Early Hypothesis:

In my opinion, the Tianjin Blast and the Beirut Blast were both the result of Rod's of God. There is no radiation detected in either incident.

Ed Lyman, of the Union of Concerned Scientists, told Task & Purpose that he had not seen any elevated radiation levels or other indications that the explosion in Beirut was caused by a nuclear device –“and it would be hard to cover up,” he added.

“If this were a nuclear explosion there would be many other effects – high radiation levels being only one of them — that were not present,” Lyman said. “There would be reports of radiation injuries far from the blast site. But the initial explosion may have triggered a chemical explosion at the port, as the video suggests.”


An infrared video, possibly edited shows some sort of projectile being used:

To me this video shows "Rod of Gods" or some sort of Direct Energy Weapon being used in Beirut and a DEW being used in Iraq for comparison:

Mushroom Cloud Beirut:

So Who Did This?

My First Guess is Israel:

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